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I finally got back my Internet!!!!!! I can't live without my internet

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◕‿‿◕。)づ・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧。*・゜゜・✧。・­­­­­゜゜・。*。・゜*✧ Peaceeee ^^


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The Playstation Vita WILL be able to play Playstation 1,2, and 3 games REMOTELY via remote play!

The Playstation Vita WILL NOT be getting Vita conversions of PS2 and PS3 games unless under the discression of the third party companies.
Example (The original Little Big Planet for ps3 will not be PORTED to Vita, however, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 has already been ported to the vita)
Sony has already said that they already support a few games now, and are continuing to work towards making ALL PS3 games available to PSV Remote Play.

I'm gonna break down a few remarks and show you the error of your ways...
Gripe - "The PSV internet browser doesn't work with flash!"

Reasoning - The PSV Internet browser will support HTML5, which (for those of you not too savvy on the lingo) is what most websites are changing their flash too. HTML5 uses simpler code, and has a better compresion ratio. Adobe flash, though "flashy" is bulky on code and requires framework a majority of high end devices (Namely the iGeneration, yeah Apple and Adobe don't get along) don't, can't, or will not support.

Gripe - "Why did sony have to choose AT&T instead of leaving options open for us to pick our carrier?"

Reasoning - Ok, this one's not the most fun for me to explain, but it's very understandable given circumstance. Sony originally wanted to be open to all carriers, but mostly to both Verizon and AT&T. Unfortunately Verizon "screwed the pooch" when releasing Sony's Xperia Play (I know, I have one)
Verizon Purposefully limited certain stock abilities on the Xperia Play AND loaded it down with it's own custom firmware port congested with bloatware (bloatware is all that default software you prolly never use and CANNOT DELETE!) The reason for the limitation is obviously clear, it was a push to third party game developers to make their games available via verizons app store instead of letting sony claim it's share of profits from leading game developers like EA. On AT&T, you can the xperia play store to purchase dead space, on verizon, you can only lay claim to it through verizon's app store, which, if your phone gets formatted, means you cannot re-download that game, you HAVE to BUY it AGAIN!

Did Verizon stop there? NO! They also took off the Xperia Play's own emulator for ps1 games and removed the ability to search for ps1 games via the android market. They ALSO stopped supporting the device shortly after it's immediate FAIL on their market so newer firmware that was meant to address a few features andd core errors never got their silken gloved touch up and release...oh yeah, I rooted mine, I rooted it hard! LOL!

AT&T doesn't have the best coverage area, yes we know that. AT&T does have some outlandish prices (it's right at the top for most expensive provider). But that pales in comparison to the positives they offer.
AT&T offers developer freedom for devices, meaning what the developer of the original device wants on their device, goes on the device. AT&T sweetened the pot by giving Vita players FREE access to their Hotspots (which are quite a lot by the way since AT&T is very friendly with offering services to restaurants "um, starbucks, gametstops, malls, get the picture?") Though AT&T doesn't have UNLIMITED bandwith available, the $30/3GB per month price tag is actually not bad considering other providers are charging up to $50 for only 2GB per month. AT&T is also NOT requiring a contract, possibly because they want their consumers to have the freedom to choose when and if they want to continue service.

Basically, if you honestly feel it's too much, take the hit like employees that go on strike and refuse to pay for the service, If a good percentage of Vita owners don't buy into it, AT&T will rethink it pricing in hopes of making a profit on it's exclusitivity. Some of you may understand what being an exclusive provider really costs a company.

ok, so a lot of you have been watching videos of "unboxings" and such and heard a lot of complaints about the Vita thus far. It was a month earlier that you're seeing (japanese models released mid january). Sony has always catered to their UK and US labels so just BE PATIENT. A majority of the features you are looking for will prolly be in working order VERY SOON after you get your Vita via a fw update. Honestly you should know by now Sony is infamous for giving us next gen hardware now, and the software takes a couple months to catch up, then the software expands beyond our

imaginations and out performs other consoles on the market continuously. Look at the current battle between PS3 and XBOX 360.

Xbox 360 - We have Cute lil Avis
PS3 - We have HOME!
Xbox 360 - Well we have party chat (that crashes...often)
PS3 - We have HOME!
Xbox 360 - Um, we have... Xbox Live? ($60/year)
PS3 - Playstation Plus (free online gaming no matter what and Playstation Plus members receive 20x + (in free games and such) what they pay out which is... oh wait! $60 per year!

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- "dantevolgonrath" - - - 

In a recent interview speaking about the variety of issues related to EA. There were several discussions over the nest gen consoles. Many companys are planning to create future consoles such like the PS4. Sinse PlayStation likes to be the last to launch there amazing system, it is more likely that they will release the PS4 after Microsoft does. Nothing is confirmed yet, but it has beem spoken between developers and stuff... that Microsoft will release its cheap Xbox 720 around 2013. And very possibly; Sony will release its SiCk PlayStation 4 on 2014. 

I really hope its launched a bit earlier before 2014, But who knows....

And I still don't know anything about Nintendo ^_^

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I got my new blog up and running

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An all new PlayStation 3 "Super Slim" model is being rumored to be on the works. What do u guys think?
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