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+Jamie Pert Is giving away a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta keys. All you need to do is click on the Share button below and share this with your circles and you could win the key. The beta kicks off on November 30..


Remember to add me to your circles for future giveaways
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Yes. i think so. i don't think there is counterstrike for other platforms..(i could be mistaken).
PC beta, but it is coming to PS3 and Xbox as a downloadable title. I played it on PS3 in September and it is great - a modern-day shooter which solely promotes teamwork and skill without throwing in unrealistic perks etc
huh. never knew it was going to be on different platforms. Learn something new everyday! i've always played FPS on PCs.
Winners will be announced the day before start date, hoping to get lots of shares!
Thanks Robert, Google Plus shows me a full list of who has shared the post ;)
Just recieved an email from valve, been promised multiple beta keys shortly after the beta kicks off
you have shared it successfully Raymond...
Cs:go looks pretty BA LOL I need to get home and play some cs:s ASAP.
Shared! I hope it's better than CSS at his beginning!
Hi raymond, i got them at eurogamer ;)
U cant use them till the 30th so no use to you yet
what are the system specs for GO? is it pretty much the same as source?
its running of the portal 2 source engine so probably about the same as that

Windows System Requirements* OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
* CPU: Intel P IV @ 3 GHz or Dual core 2 GHz or AMD64X2 (or higher)
* RAM: 1GB XP or 2GB Vista/7
* HDD: 7.5 GB free disk space
* Graphics: 128 MB Graphics Memory with pixel shader 2.0
* Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
* DirectX: Version 9.0c
SHARED, cant wait for it to come out been an avid CS gamer since release
A Key would be so awesome
No specific time, but at least you know winners will have the keys before the beta start date
Frank R
Shared and hope the beta actually starts 30th! Thanks.
könnte ich auch am 30.11 einen Key bekommen Danke!
na na
awww darn! i was starting to think my chances were getting good with the low entry numbers, apparntly not!
lol already got one i'm just trying to win for a friend :D
Hopefully I win ^^
Never played cs before so this is my only chance
wow 119 shares and still 48 hours to go!!!
Don't forget to add me to your circles just in case I have more goodies to give away!
Shared. I can't wait for this game, it's one step closer to having a universal console, or at the least a universal (all console game). I wish we didn't have to worry about which console to get it for just so we could talk to our friends, heh. :P
Just shared, can't wait for this game to start the open beta.
2 beta code winners will be announced in roughly 24 hours, the draw takes place slightly before then.... there is still time folks, why not get a family member or friend to share it? They could give you the key if they win ;)

As you know I already have 2 keys, here's an extract from an email I got from Valve.....

"We will be giving out beta keys after the beta has started. Don't worry you are on the list/."

So even if you are not lucky enough to win one of the two keys before the beta kicks off there should be more to come...
Thanks for doing this CS:GO prize draw giveaway :) Fingers crossed.
do want! shared <3 been a cs fan since I was a fetus :P
+1!, thanks for giving us an opportunity to test the beta!.
yep sure is lol i hope i win it for my friend :P
186 so far, not bad. :) Good luck to everyone. :)
my precious!! give me my precious beta key!! smeagol's been good..
Ok thats a wrap guys... +Anthony Clark and +Steven Elson - you guys wee randomly selected for the first two codes..... I will private message you with a photo of the code within an hour....

I'm hoping that tomorrow I will have more to give away...

If not tomorrow it should be within a few days...
na na
awwe Fuck Sakes!
Language Raymond! You never know you could win when I get more!
Anthony Clark and Steven Elson won the 1st two
Shared! I hope it's better than CSS :D I hope to get lucky
I have great expectations about this game :) Want a beta key soooo bad
I am a Source veteran from 2007, I can't wait to see who gets the prizes! ^w^
Ah can i please get a key? :( i play CS since 2004
Shared, I've been playing this since 0.4 Beta at LAN's. I hope it's awesome :)
I done did the share thang.
no, I don't want to keep hassling them as I have emailed them multiple times already. All they said was "after the beta has started" Hopefully this means pretty soon, but it is vague...
--------------MAJOR UPDATE---------------

Today I was sent more beta codes, however I have some frustrating news for you, Valve does not want me to hand them out publicly yet! (I guess he thought that the Product-Reviews writers didn't already have codes). Obviously I could just paste the codes here and ignore Chet Faliszek's wishes, but it would be very unprofessional of me and I will not be doing that.

Here's a couple of quotes from emails:


Here are some keys for your staff. Please do not distribute these publicly.

The beta is currently in a stress test phase while we focus on us preparing our server code for 3rd party server deployment. We'll be adding more items and maps as the beta goes on."

- I then explained that we already had codes for staff and we were planning on giving the keys to our readers, here's his reply

"Please hold off until our next phase. We need to get some 3rd party servers up first."

I have replied asking him to let me know when the 3rd party servers go online, so then I should be able to give you these keys.

I will keep you updated on the situation when I hear more
Yeah that makes sense. 3rd party servers will help keep new players off Valve's servers where there is most likely vital testing in progress. Thanks for the update (I've still got my fingers crossed lol) :)
how will you be giving out the next round of keys? :)
anyone who has shared this post has a chance...
Any idea when you'll get more keys? I'm pretty sure Valve will give you more soon cough Valve Time cough
I have 5, but I have been asked not to give them out until server improvements have been made...
i shared ur post (dated dec, 06) and i am a cs and dota fan, been trying to get into dota 2 but alas , i will keep my hopes UP for CS : GO

thank you for the sharing +1'ed

Edit: after i read the comments i came to know, OK Jamie take your time but dont forget to give a code to me (im already in denial for not getting dota 2 beta )
Come on then guys, who still wants beta keys?

It has been 8 days since I was asked to wait, so I think it's about time I gave them away...
Leave a comment below now and as soon as 10 comments come in I will choose the winners!
All keys have gone now, if I get more you guys will be the first to know...
Omg, I won!? :O Awesome! I never win anything :) Thanks Jamie!
ty for the giveaway, let me count my luck for the next giveaway :(
I wish I had keys for you all
If i got a key it would be awesome :D
Danke für den Key er geht auch !
Sorry, I don't play Rift. I still have a Rift Well Spun Hat claim code in my TF2 backpack though lol.
Damn missed the keys again T_T. Oh well, there's always next batch =D
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