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Everyone complained about Samsung when they eliminated removable batteries. LG does it now in the G6, and LG sympathizers see LG as a company that can do no wrong, lol

You need not be a rocket scientist to see just how two-faced the Samsung complaints/LG cheers really are. If Samsung took away "something precious" when they eliminated removable batteries, why not say the same thing about LG? Why not complain about it, take to websites to voice frustration, tell your friends to not buy LG? Why is it that the same folks crying about its removal in the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, and Note 5 are the same ones that "can't wait" to buy the LG G6? Lol.

I know why: because these same individuals have decided that Samsung is their target, that Samsung is the only OEM that has to follow the rules. LG need not follow them, they think, because LG is the underdog. These folks are the ABS (anybody but Samsung) crowd. Every other OEM is "just innovating" when they eliminate removable batteries... Samsung does it, and then they resort to statements such as "they took away a feature for power users," lol.

Methinks the hypocrisy is starting to show now.

#lgg6 #LG

Today marks the second year since I've joined +SamMobile​​​ as a news journalist and columnist. I've been so blessed with such an awesome opportunity, and I don't take it for granted.

And I just want to thank all the haters and naysayers who said I wouldn't make it, that my "Samsung fan girl ramblings" would never be read. Your words have inspired me to trudge forward.

To my bosses +Danny Dorresteijn​​​ and +Martin Reinders​​​, who've always believed in me, even when I needed discipline, thank you. In the two years I've been present at SamMobile, we've seen our subscriber base grow from a little over 3 million to well over 8 million...a testimony that we're doing something right.

Finally, to all those who have read me, applauded me, and supported me, I owe you my deepest gratitude. It is my desire that I make the most of the opportunity you've given me to be read, heard, and understood. May I never forget all those who have propelled me to these great heights. I'm forever in your debt.

Here's to my next thirty years...🍾

I am a tech enthusiast, and, like tech enthusiasts, I appreciate the latest and greatest in technology. But I have a pet peeve in this industry against smartphone companies that copy and paste the work of others without 1) original innovations of their own and 2) attribution for the companies from which they copied and pasted their ideas.

I am not always a fan of Google, but Google did credit Amazon with its Amazon Echo at Google I/O 2016 - an action I deem commendable. Google did something that few companies do: they gave credit for the inspiration where credit was due, to Amazon. They didn't just create Google Home without mentioning Amazon Echo.

And when it comes to a certain company whose products I use more than any other, I feel a certain desire to defend and see to it that their work doesn't go unnoticed in this market. Samsung leads the way in a number of areas, and their work is often copied without them being given the slightest attribution for it. The new Blue Coral color finding its way into some "Note alternatives"? That color came from Samsung. The dual-curved displays on smartphones? Samsung developed those. Their R&D research expenditures totaled $14 billion last year. $14 billion! Name other companies that spend as much. I'll wait.

I am sick and tired of other companies out there (I won't call out any names so as to give my enemies fuel against me) that copy and paste the work of Samsung and yet, never give them credit but only make fun of them. One such company laughed over their misfortune, even as they had come to Samsung to seek their dual-curved displays. Why bite the hand that feeds you? If I were Samsung, I'd never do business with them again.

Here's some advice for other companies out there that companies don't have to pay a dime for: be original. Be innovative, not imitative. Don't just copy and paste work from Samsung and then assume that a lower price tag will entice me to buy your phone. That lower price tag says a lot of bad about the thieving companies from which it comes: first, it says that those companies spent little on R&D because they stole the intellectual property of others; next, it says that those companies have no innovative and original ideas of their own - so they were desperate. Desperate companies plaster that desperation all over their devices. And then, the laughable part is that they assume I want to buy their devices when all they've done is copy a little of Samsung, Apple, and Google and thrown it into their devices.

If you, a tech company, desire my respect and hard-earned dollars, then do something original. Don't just plaster your name on a phone and copy Samsung; do your own work. Let your work be 80% innovative and 20% inspired. When you do, you'll capture my attention. And, no matter where you are and what you're doing, just know that, as you copy and paste from Samsung, I'll be around the tech blogosphere every week to inform readers of your actions. I will hold you accountable to original, innovative, and ethical work until you inculcate those principles into your work.

Okay, speech finished. 

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The 5-inch, regular Google Pixel, Quite Black, 32GB in pictures.

Stay tuned to Tom's Guide for my upcoming review on the smaller Pixel sibling.

#google #pixel 
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8 hours, 35 minutes of battery life and 7 hours, 9 minutes SOT for the Galaxy S7 edge shows that this phone has still got what it takes after nearly a year of ownership. Got the phone on March 9th, 2016, and am still in love with it after all this time.

And for those who always think the stats are inflated, please check out the wifi and cellular data icons at the top right of the screenshots.

I pushed this phone today with work. Glad it can go the distance. I'm already ready for my 6-inch Galaxy S8 Plus, though.

#galaxys7edge #gothedistance #gotwhatittakes
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The Pixel and Pixel XL have problems, and Google is aware of them. Before you buy this handset, be warned.

Another thing: watch out for the fanboys that tell you that "no such problems exist" on their handset, lol

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The Gear S2 is still proving impressive, a year much so that it can outperform a certain $800-$900 phone in call quality. 

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Even Kellogg's is trying to monetize the famous YouTube video statement. And yes, I don't need to tell you: we've all seen the video where the lady says "ain't nobody got time for that," lol

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The HTC 10 is still going strong after 8 months. With 6 hours SOT, 3 hours of a phone conversation, and 16 hours of battery life, the 10 has proven to be a solid phone.

Finally, a word about the audio. The audio hasn't always proven stellar, as I've tested it in a number of social chat apps, but it is consistently strong in apps like whatsapp, telegram, and for basic phone calls. The 10 has been my audio phone that I grab when I want audio feedback. No, I've been a musician for the last 20 years, have a music background with family, and even own a 4-year music degree... But I don't use the 10 for music playback.

The selfie camera is one of the strengths of the HTC 10. It contains a Samsung camera sensor and works well. The back camera is problematic because of the lens that lacks a lens cover. The result is that photos turn out smudgy and look overexposed... All because they're fingerprint-prone.

I have had some moments of warming on the back, thanks to the Snapdragon 820, and I've had a few dropped calls (few meaning below 5), but it has had few app crashes and has proven to be stable and consistent.

The HTC 10 isn't all that innovative. It isn't the cutting-edge tech of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, either. But it is stable and consistently task-efficient, and, though its starting price was overpriced, has proven to be a phone I don't regret picking up.

I say these things as an honest tech reviewer, though my HTC 10 will always take a backseat to the "Galaxies."

#htc10 #powerof10
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And they say that Google software and services don't lag... Google's got the smoothest experience in android, lol

I use Google services too, but I'm not living in a dream world. Every app can and does lag at times... Even if Google fanboys deny it.

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