Noch ein Nachtrag zu "Shades of Grey" (via Ira Strübel): (nicht das, was oben steht, sondern der erste Kommentar)

- They do go over the use of a contract, but make it clear that the contract is for communication and understanding not an actually legal expectation
- They talk about limits both hard and soft and safewords
- They go into how the sub give up control to the dom in all things they agree on except the sub must always retain consent, if consent stops, everything stops.
- They talk about making safety a important point
- The dominant comments many times that it isn't about pain but it far more about pleasing each other
- The dominant appears to have a healthy relationship with his previous dominant (he was previously sub)
- There are lots of kinds of play present in the book, some that i don't think i have ever seem in the mainstream before (eye contact restriction, behavioral protocol, clothing choices, food choice/directed eating, poses, financial domination, spanking, belting, cropping, flogging, sensory deprivation, wrist and ankle restraint, orgasm control, sex in risky locations, rough sex, and talk about many other things that they didn't actually do)

Not so good:
- They never actually agree to terms with each other on limits, communication and trust before diving into play
- The sub is trying to find out what "damaged" the Dom to make them this way
- The author actually makes it look like the Dom is into this only because he was damaged as a child and it is something to fix
- The Dom is cliched in being a control freak in all situations
- The Dom is extremely jealous, possessive and controlling
- The two main characters are overly focused on sex (though that comes with the genera)
- The Dom asks for way too much way too soon (I just met you, this might seem crazy, but I think you should be my 24/7 live in sub)
- The Dom fails to provide after care to the sub (after their first punishment session) and she is left damaged
- the Dom fails to communicate why rules are in place (she asks why eye restrictions and he just say "because it is what i want", not talk to her and let her know it is to enforce roles and help with our state of mind in play)
the Dom fails to see many red flags during play and continues play for his own satisfaction
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