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Surf's up cat! #sailing #catamaran

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I'm a firm believer that we can accomplish so much more when we empower everyone to work together regardless of gender, race or religious beliefs. I sincerely hope my friends share the same view. ‪#‎LeanInTogether‬

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Learn how sailing has helped me become a better leader at work. #businesstips   #leadership  

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I am excited to announce that one of my designs has been chosen for the #Moto360 face-off challenge. Help me win by clicking the link and giving the white-faced design a +1. Thanks in advance! 
Will Rodriguez - This disc design concept takes a modern approach to showing the time. Minutes are shown through the larger disc in the background (which can be color customized) and the hour is shown through the foreground disc. It also displays notification icons for sms, email and health alerts as well as a basic weather widget. #moto360

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Submittals for the Moto 360 Face Off Contest
Moto 360
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Most people forget the impact they have on others and how that can attribute to changing the world. It's always important to remember how your actions may indirectly affect the future.

Google+ is the answer to my multiple personality crisis. Now if only there were a way to assign different profile pics to each circle, I could finally relive my MySpace days...

Google+ iPhone app now available in the AppStore!

Does anyone know if others can see who are in your other circle of friends? Because if so, that can become very awkward for those who thought they'd make my 'close friends' circle...

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I have a podcast on iTunes. Wait, am I allowed to promote Apple products/services on Google? ummm....awkward.
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