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Allix Ruby
My life is "hid with Christ in God" :)
My life is "hid with Christ in God" :)

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"A spark, a flicker, is it even a glow?
Sometime starting this fire is painful and slow.
I love thee Lord Jesus, but my passion is stale
Weighed down by distractions, I am feeble and frail
Wrapped up and tangled and pulled at by earth
Exalting it's frivolities, ignoring Your worth
Yet on Your heart I am written, on Your hands I'm engraved
This pitiful little flicker is kept by a Consuming Bright Flame
Oh God, burn them down, these idols I've built
Don't take from me Your living water though often I've spilt
Fill my heart, and my soul, and my mind, and my eyes
Shine Your Light on the world and through its clever disguise
Don't let my belly get full on its lies and deceit
While You're offering me a feast both plentiful and sweet
I cannot dabble in both, but only by one be consumed
Let it be with Your glory, 'stead of things steeped in doom
Let me drown in Your love ocean, not just sip it without care
Let my heart's fire for You make it obvious You're there
Fill my lungs with Your living breath till my lungs can't hold more
Til I can't take even one small puff of sin's air anymore
I want to say with the Psalmist that with my longings for You,
And not with earth's passing glees, I'm consumed
I need You so desperately, I can't do it alone
To try helping myself would never atone
Only You can make big what inside me is small
Only You can give me strength to love You above all
Oh Lord, I believe in you, help my unbelief
And keep aiding poor sinners of whom I am chief."


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So, I felt like the teaser I posted a few weeks ago wasn't quite a big enough taste of Whitney and +Daniel Hamilton's sweet wedding I made a trailer. ;) <3 Love these two! I can hardly believe it's almost been a month since they became husband and wife!

+Trevor Ruby: Austin, you should buy a DeLorean. You could a rock a DeLorean, dude. 
Me: Yeah, you should. Cause then you could go back in time.
+Austin Dooley: Yeah. I could go back in time and not buy a DeLorean. 
We're really enjoying the time with our Dools friend. Having houseguests is fun. :)

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Honest, hard-hitting, emotional, and yet beautiful words from my Jasmine friend. <3
"Even in that excruciating pain, the Lord’s suffering on my behalf came to bear.
And I don’t mean I sat there singing Amazing Grace while waves of pain and grief flooded my heart. It was far from a pretty sight. I cried out to God — literal, guttural cries — and felt close to the suffering Savior who had experienced even more excruciating pain for me, not because he lost a child, but because he gave his all to bring lost children home."

Today I purchased a box of French Toast Crunch, seems like everyone is currently watching F•R•I•E•N•D•S, the gas prices recently * shocked face *, and the Dallas Cowboys are in the playoffs.

If there weren't staggering amounts of evidence to otherwise deny it, I'd say this was the year I turned 4 rather than the year I'm turning 20.

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"The divorce rate is outta control
Too many broken homes that know,
It gets hard y’all
And that’s why we gotta take it to God y’all

Don’t let go
You need a dose of that heavy love

You can’t move it, you can’t shake it
You can’t beat it, you can’t take it
It’s unchanging, heavy love
It ain't changing, heavy love
So much power, so much patience
It’s a love, so amazing
It ain't moving, heavy love
It ain't breaking, heavy love

Hang in there at times when you’re hurtin' the worst
That’s when love feels the best, yeah
That’s when it matters the most, yeah
So find your lover, find your friend
Tell that one you love that you need him, yeah
Give him a dose of that heavy love

Talkin' bout’ that 20 year, 30 year, 40 year love
That’s the power of the, heavy love
So much power, heavy love
I’m talking bout’ that one, that only
Loving you my whole life,
That’s the love, heavy love"

7 months of being increasingly thankful for, moved and changed by our Christ given "heavy love." 

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Winner Winner Falcons Dinner 🎉🏈❤️ #riseup +Atlanta Falcons

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He left not even 15 minutes ago....and he's not even gonna be gone too long....but still.

It's safe to say, our relationship is my favorite. <3

"Because the sinless Savior died, my sinful soul is counted f r e e."
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