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Logic. Modesty. Common sense.

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Christopher Hitchens on Islam

"I’m talking about militant Islam. Globally, it’s a gigantic power. It controls an enormous amount of oil wealth, several large countries and states, with an enormous fortune. It’s pumping the ideology of Wahhabism and Salafism around the world, poisoning societies where it goes, ruining the minds of children, stultifying the young in its madrassas, training people in violence, making a cult of death and suicide and murder.

That’s what it does globally, it’s quite strong. In our societies, it poses as a cringing minority, whose faith you might offend, which deserves all the protection that a small and vulnerable group might need.

Now, it makes quite large claims for itself. It says it’s the final revelation. It says that God spoke to one illiterate businessman in the Arabian Peninsula, three times, through an archangel, and that the resulting material — which as you can see when you read it — is largely plagiarized from the Old and the New Testament — almost of all of it, actually, plagiarized, ineptly, from the Old and New Testament — is the be accepted as a divine revelation and as the final and unalterable one, and that those who do not accept this revelation are fit to be treated as cattle, infidels, potential chattel, slaves, and victims.

Well, I tell you what: I don’t think Muhammad ever heard those voices. I don’t believe it. And the likelihood that I’m right, as opposed to the likelihood that a businessman who couldn’t read had bits of the Old and New Testament re-dictated to him by an archangel, I think puts me much more near the position of being objectively correct.

But who is the one under threat? The person who promulgates this, and says I’d better listen, because if I don’t I’m in danger, or me, who says, no, I think this is so silly you can even publish a cartoon about it.

And up go the placards, and up go the yells and the howls and the screams, “Behead those”this is in London, this is Toronto, this is in New York, it’s right in our midst now“Behead those who cartoon Islam!”

Do they get arrested for hate speech? No. Might I get in trouble for saying what I’ve just said about the Prophet Muhammad? Yes, I might

Where are your priorities, ladies and gentlemen? You’re giving away what is most precious in your own society, and you’re giving it away without a fight, and you’re even praising the people who want to deny you the right to resist it.

Shame on you, while you do this. Make the best use of the time you’ve got left. This is really serious.

Now, if you look anywhere you like — because we’ve had invocations of a rather drivelling and sickly kind tonight for our sympathy: “What about the poor fags? What about the poor Jews? The wretched women who can’t take the abuse, and the slaves, and their descendents, and the tribes who didn’t make it and were told their land was forfeit?” — look anywhere you like for the warrant for slavery, for the subjection for women as chattel, for the burning and flogging of homosexuals, for ethnic cleansing, for antisemitism: for all of this, you can look no further than a famous book that’s on every pulpit in this city, and in every synagogue, and in every mosque.

And then just see if you can square the fact that the force that is the main source of hatred is also the main caller for censorship. And when you’ve realized, therefore, that you’re faced this evening with a gigantic false antithesis, I hope that still won’t stop you from giving the motion before you the resounding endorsement that it deserves.

Thanks, awfully. Night-night."

“All the time, all the time, we have to hear propaganda pumped out of radio stations all over the Muslim world, telling children to kill Jews, telling children to kill Hindus, telling children to kill Christians, telling them that their sisters, and mothers, and aunts are inferior, telling them that homosexuals should be stoned. We have to read, and claim not to be offended, by the stoning of ten people in the Islamic republic of Iran… for crimes they did not commit, that would not be crimes, except under the mad religious laws that Islam proposes.”

The UN – United Nation is non-binding – so far non-binding resolution, just carried now for three years, it was carried again this week, sponsored by Pakistan, a country for which we pay, it isn’t really even a country, barely even a state. It’s a construct of Muslim partition-ism carved out of the body of India.

Just wants to tell us, what we can say and what we can think in our own country, and it says that we mustn’t ever use the word Islam in any sentence that includes the words violation of human rights, for example. And that this is in the week when the Government of Pakistan, has handed over to the Taliban, its most fertile valley, this valley of Swat, 100 miles from the capital of Islamabad. I said you can run this valley, militarily and legally. You can have Sharia law and you are the police and enforcers of that, and you enclose all the girls schools.

But we can’t say that your religion has anything to do with violation of human rights, it’s preposterous. Your point about the one-way street is very well made if I may say so. There are Madrasas in – within 50 miles where I live in Washington – in Virginia. There are Saudi paid for schools, that preach violent anti-semitism, hatred of the Shia Muslims, remember they never forget, they hate other muslims too. Of Hindus, of Christians and crusaders and of course of Atheists, so they have got me what, three times I suppose in this – in this field of [indiscernible].

And don’t worry, it’s coming to a place near you. The Qurans that are given out in our prison system, to Muslim prisoners by Muslim chaplains, paid for by Saudi Arabia, are Qurans written to the Wahabi tune. They’re not just your everyday Quran; they’re the Qurans that the Wahabis want you to read, containing direct incitement. They’re being given out with taxpayers’ money in the prison system, where militias are forming. Next you’ll have militias of this kind with their own chaplains within the United States Armed Forces. Are you ready for that? Are you ready to have Wahabi preachers in the U.S. Armed Forces?

You better get ready for it, unless you’re going to take the James Madison view that there shouldn’t be any chaplains in the U.S. armed forces to begin with, or in the prison system. People want to pray, you can’t stop them. But we cannot have state subsidized prayer. We cannot have state subsidized preachers or chaplains. Give it up, or give it to your deadliest enemy and pay for the rope that will choke you.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I beseech you. Resist it while you still can, and before the right to complain is taken away from you, which will be the next thing… you will be told: You can’t complain, because you’re“Islamophobic”. The term is already being introduced into the culture, as if it was an accusation of race hatred, for example, or bigotry, whereas it’s only the objection to the preachings of a very extreme and absolutist religion.”

Don’t waste my time with Islam – it’s bullshit.”

“I have tried my best with this religion, which is as foreign to me, as to the many millions who will always doubt, that god entrusted anonreader, through an intermediary, with the demanding call to read.Islam in its origins is just as shady and approximate as those from which it took its borrowings. It makes immense claims for itself, invokes prostrate submission or ‘surrender’ as a maxim to its adherents, and demands deference and respect from non-believers into the bargain. There is nothing,absolutely nothing in its teachings that can even begin to justify such arrogance and presumption.”

– Christopher Hitchens
English-American author, atheist, journalist, columnist and literary critic. (13 April 1949 – 15 December 2011).


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Safiya, Juwariya, were raped by Muhammad while, their fathers husbands and their entire families were simultaneously being murdered by Muhammads men. Muslims call this marriage. I call it rape. The jewish princess Rayahana, refused to "marry" Muhammad, inspite of threats and coercion, she refused to convert to Islam and despised the murderer of her entire family and tribe. Muhammad made her his concubine for his entire life. 

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