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Eryca Cottle
If I learn to love myself unconditionally that will be enough.
If I learn to love myself unconditionally that will be enough.

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Some friends...
          There are two types of people in our lives; those who leave and those who stick around. Some of those who leave you wish would stick around and keep being a part of your life because for some time they made you happy and gave you lots of joy, and ...

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A glint of hope, for women of faith.
   A recent post I read got my mind thinking and now with out full though on the subject I decided I needed to write my own thoughts. Much to my surprise I was glad to find out that I am not the only person out there that feels the disconnect between my lif...

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happy accidents
Way to much fun lately with my photo class I'm learning how to take, shoot, Photoshop, fix, edit, and then post my photos to fun web sites. The first photo up there i took during a worship song :) the second one I took on accident but it was a happy little ...

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My Issue.
Everyone has one or two things they got from their parents they don't like, am I right? whether its hairy arms or fat thighs. well my problems are more of an internal issue then external. First I have a metal allergy from my Dad. not one thinks this is much...

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Poems by me arnt from my brain
 You left, I'm gone. By: Eryca Cottle no words tonight, my heart is heavy from the fight, I tried so hard to hold you tight, but you flew away and took off in flight. there was nothing I could do in sight, so I let you go that frightful night, I said good b...

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Learning about a human exspereance.
So the other day I was listening to a song that a friend of mine wrote and produced, the song was about love. the lyrics go something along these lines; "Its only love, if he loves you back,  its only love if he holds your hand. you've got the fever and you...

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Its been a long time since my last post, alot has happened and none of it brought joy. to say the last few months have been hard would be an understatement; these last few months have been HELL, but now as I sit and look back I wouldn't change a single seco...

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A really cool song

WOW! just.... wow.... as if I didn't think I had enough problems... That is the Second Guy since Ive moved out here that's wanted to be "friends with Benefits" so.... can I meet a Godly Christian man now?

class is boring, im gonna fall asleep...
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