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Mr & Mrs M, took out two loans from Egg. However, Mr & Mrs M were lead to believe that a condition of a loan was to take out PPI (Payment Protection Insurance). As Mr & Mrs M required the loan for home improvements, they believed the advisor and went ahead with the loan.
At no point did the advisor establish if the PPI was suitable for Mr & Mrs M. 
Mr & Mrs M recently contacted Reclaim Specialists to take on their claim as they believed that the PPI policy was unsuitable.
After a brief conversation with Mr & Mrs M, we established that the PPI policy was unsuitable for the following reasons:
1. The advisor did not establish if they had any pre-existing medical conditions and they were not made aware of the effect these could have on the policy
2. At the time the policy was sold, Mr M was in full-time employment and eligible for a period of full pay under the sickness benefit scheme operated his employer.
3. At the time the policy was sold, they were not made aware of any exclusions to the policy and they were not provided any details of these exclusions.
4. At the time the policy was sold, they were told that their loan application would definitely successful if they did purchase the PPI policy.
5. The advsior did not fully investigate their personal financial circumstances prior to the sale of the PPI. 
6. They were subjected me to high pressure sales tactics
7. They were sold a single premium policy that was not fully explained to them as it was not explained what would be refunded if they did cancel the insurance or if they repaid the loan 
Mr & Mrs M had very limited form filling. Reclaim Specialists completed the forms and all other paperwork and submitted the claim on their behalf. The claim was assessed within 12 weeks and Mr & Mrs M received a cheque of £6,600. 
During the whole process, we kept Mr & Mrs M updated via their preferred method of communication. 
Have you been sold PPI? Does any of the points above apply to you?
• Check your loan, credit card, mortgage, store cards or any other finance you have signed up for in the last ten years.Is PPI included on your agreement?
• Check any loan statement today to see if PPI has been added to your loan?
• Check your credit card statement, is PPI included on your monthly account?
• Look out for terms like Credit Card Cover, Payment Protection Policy, Repayment Protection Cover, Accident Sickness and Unemployment Cover or Accident Sickness Cover
For professional, straight forward, honest service which is hassle free for you, contact Reclaim Specialists ( to pursue your claim. We offer a No Win, No Fee service.
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Reclaim Mis Sold mortgages claims | Reclaim Specialists
There is one chance to reclaim mis sold mortgages! You can either claim on your own or you can use an expert like Reclaim Specialists to help | Learn more!
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Many customers have been sold these upgraded accounts even though the product may have been unsuitable for the customer. Employees of banks have targets to meet and sometimes these get in the way of acting in the best interests of the customer.
What we can guarantee is a professional, straight forward, honest service which is hassle free for you
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The Financial Conduct Authority has confirmed that banks and card companies are required to reopen 2.5 million PPI claims which were unfairly rejected or underpaid in 2012 and 2013.

Your claim may have been unfairly assessed. Contact Reclaim Specialists to see if your claim should be reopened. We work on a No Win No Fee basis.
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Borrowers who had an adverse credit rating resulting from a CCJ, mortgage arrears or other default were often sold sub-prime mortgages by mortgage brokers. The products often had hefty fees and high reversion rates as well as heavy redemption penalties. It was common for borrowers to feel that because they had a poor credit rating, a sub-prime mortgage was their only option. Mortgage brokers selling these products were rewarded with large commissions or procuration fees by the lenders. These products were often mis-sold as borrowers may have qualified for more appropriate products that they could have obtained from high street lenders at a lower rate.
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