Why try to serie- or parallell-connect 2 z-stepper motors?

I have created a "super-DRV8825" that uses only one stepperdriver-bay on the board, but gives up to 2A to each stepper-motor.

The heatsinks are in copper and mounted the way it should have been from the beginning.

The "pin-risers" are Arduino-Shield connectors. You will need one 8 pin connector and two 2pin connectors.

The heatsink is soldered to the thermal-vias a copperstrip will transfer the heat from the chip to the "external" heatsink.

I have made both the upper and the lower driver equal. This in not needed. You can simplify the design by only remove the pins for the JST connector.

The disadvantage of this design is that it will be high and that each driver hast to be adjusted separatly. When they are calibrated they are connected together and joined to the board.

When testing there was alot of improvements on the force.
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