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We would like to thank all our customers for their support as we move into our 41st year of service. We have also moved to a new and permanent location. 518 Hazel Ave Feasterville pa, 19053

Engel Air Conditioning and Heating's spring service and maintenance policies are ready to view. If you are interested in a fixed price for all your servicing needs take a look.

So with in my business of home heating and air conditioning services, its sad to see how many companies take advantage of the people who do not know better, the elderly and non informed. I am very passionate in this business and believe in selling systems not price. Most people do not know that most manufactures sell equipment on different tiers like a (good, better, best) they might use names such as elite, professional and builder, but did you know that with most manufactures there isn't a whole lot of differences between there own good, better and best equipment outside of a few little items. Typically when you are in the market to purchase a new home comfort system you do have choices. Ask the company representative for a few different options. Ask for the AHRI rating of each option. The AHRI rating is the most excepted rating for most utilities to receive a rebate. When looking at air conditioning you are most likely to want a higher SEER and EER. These are the efficiency of the systems. Well you can most likely get the high SEER ratings with out purchasing the "elite" or the best equipment from most manufactures, rather get the same efficiencies with the "builder or starter grade" with out in most cases giving up quality or warranties.

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Best of Philly 5+ Years

Now that the weather is cold, please be aware that you must inspect your air filters.

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Complete heating and air conditioning services by Engel Air Conditioning. Heating service done right.

If you are looking for a full service heating and air conditioning company, look no further. We have been serving Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery Counties since 1975. We truley want to earn your business.

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When looking for a great residential heating and air conditioning contractor, look no further. We are here to earn your business.
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