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Coming across this old article is fairly amusing. The sins of its outlook are pretty glaring as they encapsulate so many cliches of football journalism. The general gist of it that Pele's list is ludicrously politically correct is undoubtedly true -the list was/is a PR exercise. I'm sue there's many on it that Pele has never seen play and probably has no desire to.
Still, comments like Pele being 'by general consensus the finest player yet' are extremely loaded as that's utterly untrue. At the time of writing that was debated between him and Maradona and had been for a long time (and frankly most serious students of the game reckon the Argentine was the more complete player).
The question marks about the list then deal only with the response in Brazil (it's all about the 1970 World Cup again!) and is otherwise almost entirely Anglo-centric. Veron's brilliant performances outside the Premier League and undoubted quality are ignored and Geoff Hurst is the most glaring absenteee (despite the fact that he'd be unlikely to even make most England fans lists for the Top 20 English players ever!).
So it's all about '66 and '70 again...
A list like this is a good excuse to show, and share, a wider knowledge of the game and discuss interesting inclusions and exclusions. For instance, hould promising talents who haven't yet 'done it' like Saviola (who never really did 'do it' as it turned out) be included. So it's a shame this doesn't do much more than moan about Veron not working out at United and 'England National Hero' exclusion.

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Sure, a march/rally does seem excessive but given the Black Panthers legacy of criminality and violence I can understand why people would be annoyed. I think many people in the UK would be a little put out if Ronan Keating used dancers dressed as Provos as half time entertainment at the FA Cup Final...
Beyonce just looks to be courting controversy -and successfully. Given the dismal quality of the music you can hardly blame her.
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