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Realms of Despair
Endless Medieval Enjoyment!
Endless Medieval Enjoyment!

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Two different types of bones for Gorog's Watchdog. Think it's enough to distract him, or will he end up with many more bones this weekend you think?

"From the depths of Despair, the Watch Dog claws its way towards its Master's temple..."

Look out Realms! Gorog's Watchdog will be out at 5pm EDT each Friday and will come back throughout the weekend until killed.

Also a reminder that only Avatars can enter Gorog's Temple. Good luck to all you big-game trophy hunters!

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We are back! IP port 4000, OR, port 4000

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Update! - Within 12 hours should point to a temporary server IP, but for those of you who don't want to wait, connect to port 4000. A full explanation is available on the MOTD and also the website (once up).

Warning: Free-for-all mode is active!
Characters may attack/kill all other characters anywhere in the
MUD within 5 levels of their own.
You will NOT lose experience or equipment during this period.
Free-for-all mode only activated rarely for brief periods.
Realms of Despair is normally not a full-pkill MUD.

PS - Midway is open if you wish to explore it without risk.

The reason for the downtime this morning is some updates going through. Stay tuned for when we're back up!

#twt A grumpy old man is at Ofcol Circle! Find the hidden candy and give it to him for a nice reward!

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