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Didn't know Google was so liberal. I get pointed out for my views, but they let all this liberal bullshit go?! One more time and I'm done with Google. I know they, as a company could careless, but I will let my voice be heard, just as much as the libtards do! 

+Ryoen Deprouw can you point me in the direction of where you get your button icons from? 

have been trying to get plex working on windows 8.1 for about a week now with no luck. have done the port forwarding, uninstalled and re installed, with no luck. any suggestions? i would almost pay someone to come get it working for me

Is there a way to root without having to reinstall everything. I have a note 3 and just want stock minus the bloatware. Thanks for your help in advance. 

Ok so I'm new to xml and was wondering how to link my 2 computers and note3 together through xbmc? 

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Another great lesson for Tasker users. Check out +Ryoen Deprouw channel and learn something new today...

It there somewhere I can learn how to make these awesome widgets? You folks do awesome work. 

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Here is a pic of the task. Can't get it to respond after the autovoice recognize statement... 

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getting a crazy error message. i have done everything as you instructed. not sure whats wring
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