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A nice sum up of my trip to Mexico. Lots of sun, gorgeous views, amazing food.

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Have you tried the ProdPad Chrome plugin yet?  No more excuses for not jotting down your ideas while browsing!

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Old article but still hugely relevant! Still so much confusion between the roadmap, the release plan, and the day-to-day development/project plans.

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Love Trello, JIRA or Pivotal Tracker?  Good news! 

We now have a direct integration with these tools in ProdPad, meaning you can track all your ideas, feature requests and product specs all the way through to development.

ProdPad is Product Management Software built by Product Managers, for Product Managers.
We've just launched something that fans of JIRA, Trello, and Pivotal Tracker are going to love. ProdPad now integrates with these great project/task management tools, so you can trace your ideas all the way from creation through to development, with a click of a button.

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We've just announced our incredible speaker lineup for the Mind the Product 2013 product management conference:

Early Bird tickets are on sale as of noon today. Grab yours quickly!

#mtpcon #prodmgmt

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Too controversial?  I don't think so... I think Product Managers are stuck using the tools that are on the market.

This is exactly why we built +ProdPad! Product people deserve to have tools that are fit for purpose. 
Be a Product Manager, not a glorified Gantt chart jockey!

+Simon Cast compares project to product management, and discusses why so many product managers are using the wrong tools. #prodmgmt

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My latest musings on the product management process
We were really inspired by an article about the 'Inconvenient Truth about Product', by Marty Cagan from SVPG. 

Here's how our roadmap helps you embrace these truths:

Read more on Marty's original post:

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Need help getting buy-in from your team?

It's not easy to sell your colleagues (and perhaps bosses) on the idea of changing up your product management process.  How do you do it?

We've just made it easier:

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While the multiple product management and the updated product management tool are technically the biggest updates of the new ProdPad, it's the new, sleek design that offers the biggest WOW factor.

It's been a tough month putting this redesign together, but I'm so proud of how it's turned out.

This is the product management tool you've been waiting for... share this with your team!

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Without a doubt, this is the biggest launch we've done to date - and the most important to our users, who've been asking for: 

a) a product roadmap that communicates with their day-to-day pipeline of product priorities, and
b) multiple roadmaps to correspond to their various products in their product portfolio.

After a few weeks of hard work, we're launching both of these next week, alongside a full redesign of the site, complete with responsive goodness thanks to Bootstrap!

Really couldn't be more excited and proud.  If you're a product manager or building a product company, I'd love to hear what you think. 
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