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If the property they represented anything intellectual I'd agree that this was a problem, but a 14 year old posting his favorite clip of Hot Tub Time Machine with his face pasted in it is SO low on my list of worries.
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Great read. Confirms what we already knew all those years. :-) 
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This idea that we somehow have to be “fair” about everything is how we wind up having Bill Nye getting into public discussions about climate change, a spectacle my colleague Daniel D’Addario recently noted mistakenly gives the whole fiasco attention and credibility “as an entertaining, wacky debate between two personalities.” It’s how we wind up continuing on in a nation in which three out of ten people take the Bible literally, and an alarming nearly 40%  believe in intelligent design. Roughly 18% of Americans believe the sun revolves around the earth Should we have a debate about it? Should we hear out the “sun revolves around the earth” faction?

In our zeal for balance, we have allowed ignorance to be perpetuated.
The "debate" over "Cosmos" is making us dumber
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+George G I would say that with other societies it's well indoctrinated into the curriculum. In either extreme.
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Let the FCC know your thoughts on protecting and promoting an open Internet. 
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How the car industry outlawed crossing the road 
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