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Kaspa Thompson
Buddhist Priest, writer - wanting to help you fall in love with the world through writing (or anyway I can)
Buddhist Priest, writer - wanting to help you fall in love with the world through writing (or anyway I can)

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I'm not sure how many people are engaged with G+ these days. I'm not sure how many people have the time to listen to a half an hour dharma talk either.

I'm still going to share it here though, because it isn't half bad, even if I do say so myself :)

#dharma #buddhism #pureland #spirituality

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We’ve had a slow start to Wednesday morning. I have been fighting off a cold since the weekend, sneezing and headachy. Today it feels like it’s on the way out but I can still feel some post cold tiredness around. This morning Satya woke up feeling like the cold had taken hold of her.

About a month ago we introduced some morning yoga into our daily practice, following some YouTube videos. This morning we chose one with ‘relaxed’ in the title.

As the blackbird pulled worms up from the damp earth just outside our flat, we eased into simple stretches and poses; noticing the breath; noticing the body.

Sometimes it’s good to take it easy.

Sometimes it’s good to push yourself.

On days when I’ve got more energy I might practice something stronger, a longer more difficult sequence. The hope is that I can move towards finding balance and ease in these places too.

In my experience the spiritual path is a lot like this: coming to places of rest, or ease, and then going into more difficult places and finding out how to have a little more ease there too. As we go back and forth, we are also going forward.
What do you need today? A little easing off, or a little pushing onward?

Male Blackbird by Richard Towel, used under creative commons (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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"I had stopped thinking about myself, and started to think about the wellbeing of the coming guests.

The work had become an offering.

All good work, and even play time, or chilling out time, can be an offering if it done in the right spirit, and doing it in the right spirit transforms our experience of it."

#buddhism #mindfulnes #work #pureland

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A brand new new blog post

"Sometimes I get a little closer to changing when I notice the things which I find difficult. Sometimes I don’t. Pure awareness is not always (not often?) enough."

#buddhism #mindfulness #meditation #change

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How to take care of ourselves as (whisper it) Christmas approaches, and we rush into the busyness of autumn...

#mindfulness #buddhism #therapy #counselling

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How can we begin to grow?

What's so special about a therapeutic/healing relationship?

#therapy #buddhism #psychotherapy

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Do we have free will?

I didn't used to think so, now I mostly do - although it doesn't always feel like it.

How giving up on free will is a little like being loved...

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Are there such things as reasonable attachemnts?

Some thoughts I had when one of my own attachments was shown to me...

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How to hold both the ethical teachings of Shakyamuni and the mystical teachings of the Pureland sages at the same time? #buddhism #pureland

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