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Artem Chepurnoy
Software Engineer, Tourist and Student
Software Engineer, Tourist and Student

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What do you think about these?

Note, that
• It's not based on AcDisplay.
• It's just a demo at this moment.
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Check out Horario – my small semester work – app for managing your school or university life:

Horario app is a beautiful Material Design app, which helps you to manage your classes and exams in the most convenient way. Fill your timetable once and it will be with you wherever you go, because of sync across all your Android devices. Notifications won’t let you forget about your homework and exams.

Key features

- Synchronization: all your data is available on all your Android devices
- Notes: easy and convenient way to store your homework, tasks and reminders
- Exams: manage your exams and important tests alongside your classes
- Notifications: app tells you when important test or exam is coming
- Share: share your timetable with your friends
- Do not disturb: app turns on do not disturb mode when lesson or exam starts
- Google Calendar integration: sync your events with google calendar
- Open source: app is licensed under GPL v3

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How do you use AcDisplay?
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Lockscreen + Active move
Active mode
None of these / Watch the results

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Uhm, that's a hello world app on CM 12.1 nightly (August 31). Note: It's 0.2mb of new objects per second.

Do you feel like somewhat option in Settings is not in the right place? Comment your proposition. 

Hi folks, 

I'm starting to slowly develop the next major version of #AcDisplay  and due to my busyness* it'll take a lot of time. Sure thing it'll stay open as both freedom and beer. Stay tuned and don't expect the update in this month.

*Thanks to your support I've a job now! We're planning to release something fun this month ;)

Regards, Artem Chepurnoy

#AcDisplay  v3.8.4 is rolling out but not yet avalable on GitHub ( ):

- Latest translations from the
- Fix not working power button for some users
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