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Two octave D major scale tab.

1. Play each note singly in consecutive order...from the D to the E to the F# and so on.
2. On the first note, pick a down stroke...on the second note, pick an up stroke. Thus, you'll be alternating between a down stroke and an up stroke as you play each consecutive note.
3. Reverse the order of notes and repeat.
4. Start again at 1.

Note: Go slowly at first - accuracy is more important than speed.

(Why? Muscle Memory/Dexterity/Co-ordination/Intonation)

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"Cripple Creek" an Old Time Appalachian folk song.

(Note: I got the order of strings on the tabs backwards - The bottom line represents the lowest, thickest string, while the top string represents the highest, thinnest string - I've been doing it the wrong way around and keep forgetting to change.)

I got a demonstration of just how great an instrument the Merlin is today. I had told a casual employee about the Merlin and offered to bring it in the next time he was working with us. At Lunch today I handed it to him. I should add he is a good guitarist but He had never seen a Merlin before. He run up and down the fretboard in 10 seconds and then launched into an amazing improvised song. He seemed impressed with the instrument but not as impressed as I was how quickly someone with experience on another stringed instrument could just pick it up and sound like they have been playing it for 20 years.

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Hi all,

I picked this up for $5 at a junk store. At first I thought it was an old guitalele (like a ukulele but with 6 strings) I thought if nothing else I could use the tuners on a cigar box guitar or similar. After cleaning it up I think it’s more just a toy guitar. Seem like it needs a bridge. Anyone know anything about these (or a more likely forum to ask this question)?
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"The Rising of the Moon" is an Irish ballad recounting a battle between the United Irishmen and the British Army during the Irish Rebellion of 1798.

The ballad shares the tune of another Irish ballad, "The Wearing of the Green" lamenting the repression of supporters of the same Irish Rebellion.

So this will work for both songs.

The tab in the attached is just for the Melody and the lyrics with chords is included below that. Recordings of both "The Rising of the Moon" and "The Wearing of the Green" are on Youtube so check these if you want to hear how it should sound.

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Am I close? My poor fingering and strumming not withstanding I think I've gotten close to working out Wild Thing on the Merlin. Any suggestions appreciated.

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This is my first attempt at some Tabs so would appreciate someone more experienced than me at playing the Merlin having a go at this and letting me know if it at least sounds acceptable to their ear. It is supposed to be the the Irish tune Ailiu Eanai or near enough.

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Chuck Shepherd posted this to Twitter about a week ago but I hadn’t seen it here {edit}See chucks post above for correct Tab{edit}

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I found this video on Youtube while looking for chords/tab/instructions to play Knocking on Heaven's Door. I'm still new but it seems that the tuning for this instrument is the same as the M4. Is that right?

Just starting out myself, I was looking a nice simple song with just D A and G chords and Bad Moon Rising was perfect. Here are the chords just in case that's of any use to anyone.

As it happens if you search the below you will find Ryan's "Down On The Corner and Bad Moon Rising lesson vid" which is very helpful (Thanks Ryan) just wish I'd found it about 1 hour sooner.
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