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The journey is the destination.
The journey is the destination.

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The future of "social networks" will be smaller, more intimate grouping of people who are actually social.

Facebook's days are actually numbered (it's a long number ;) ) unless they change their formula. The rampant over sharing of links and videos will die a slow and painful death. I'm not against sharing links and videos that are inline with one's core values. Even videos purely for entertainment. I'm not even actually against the over sharing. It's just the way things currently are.

I just see the future. There are better sources for entertainment and news than my Facebook feed. I'm actually more interested in what a person ate for breakfast or an endless stream of pictures of their kids. Iriginal content (of any kind) over the propagation of clickbait.

That said, dem funny videos do be funny tho. ;)

I was gonna post this on Facebook, but then I was like NAH!

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I just got off the phone with Master Wang (my taichi teacher in Canada). We talked about a bunch of different stuff (half of the time in Chinese) for over an hour! I took a couple notes.

My biggest takeaway is that I need to start studying Confucianism. There are three parts to the "complete reality" school of Daoism (what I call complete reality anyway).

1. Daoism
2. Buddhism
3. Confucianism

I've always shunned Confucianism because it was about discipline, law and moral code. I've always had discipline when it came to training, but never in society. It's clear to me that it's the missing piece of my philosophical puzzle. Unless I'm seriously going to renounce society and move to a mountain cave, I need that to be a functioning member of society.

I also told him about my goal to teach taichi to the youth. He said the two most important things for me to teach them is discipline and law (societal structure).

I better start practicing what I preach...

Almost forgot about the other side of notes. He said taichi (and martial arts in general) should be about health, friendship and spirit. Not about winning and hurting people.

He also said what a lot of martial artist talk about (theory), practice and do (practical) don't align making them weaker than they could be if everything was unified.
Notes from Master Wang
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Photos from my trip to Taiwan in 2013 when I went to the south of the island to learn more about taichi push hands.
Tai Chi Push Hands in Taiwan
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