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Happy 4:20! HOLUP! is the single track of Bobby from their album of Mino ( MOBB ). Earring from Thrift shop Over-sized button down shirt from Marks and Spencer  Bracelet (925 pure silver) from my dad's closet Watch from Seiko Pants from Oxygen Slides from P...

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Hi guys..... how do I start with this one? So this post is all about Hope. I know bakit si Hope nanaman, bakit siya pa din, kelan ka ba magmo-move on. Alam ko yan ang mga sasabihin niyo once na mabasa niyo ito. (Sup bros?) hahaha, anyway, lets get back to t...

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Hi guys! Another update. So this is a laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate post, okay so in my stadtech class; the output that my prof gave to us that we need to make a print ad using our own picture. You guys know that I skate, so Gelo and I did a "Thrasher Magazine" print...

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Hi guys! Just a little update about my life (: So this semester, I have a subject (Stadtech) it is a special topics in advertising technology. Basically, it's a subject where you will edit pictures, PHOTOSHOP-ing? hahaha Anyway, so we had an assessment wher...

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Hi guys! This post is very very important and personal for me. Okay, so I guess you're asking what does +63 means. Basically it is the country code of the Philippines. But for me, it's not the only meaning of it. +63 is the name of the group; no, the family...

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sembreak is over
If you're an avid reader of my blog, you would know that this post is like the  summer is over  and  1st semester is finally over  post. Anyway, today is the last day of my sembreak (fuck! right?) here's the list ⬇️️ Bigbang Infinite Challenge - Dec.19 Blac...

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This post is for my forever baby nini!!! Happy 21st birthday baby! I hate cats since birth but the only cat that I will ever love is my baby nini; she looks like one, right? 😻 

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Thank You 2016!
*page 357-366 2016 is the worst year ever, ang daming problemang dumating at ang iba ay hindi ko pa din malampasan. Mga kakilala ko ngayong college na strangers nalang ngayon. Di ko sila matawag na kaibigan kasi hindi naman kasi talaga. Toxic silang kasama,...

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Fail Gray Hair Dye!!!
*page 355-356 So yesterday I went to salon to get my hair bleached so that I can dye again my hair gray. So after I dyed my hair gray, the color of my hair looked like the color of a shit! But earlier in the morning after I woke up, my hair color changed, i...

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The KINGS are FXXKING back for one LAST DANCE!
*page 354 The KINGS are back! They came back last December 12 with MADE the full album, their 3rd full album after 8 years. MADE consists all the songs in their M.A.D.E single last year and with the three new songs,   FXXK IT , LAST DANCE  and  GIRLFRIEND ....
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