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No, but I reject the argument that voting for Romney is the pro life thing to do. I have serious doubts about his pro life record. I'm actually leaning towards leaving the slot blank.
He's not the best choice, but how does leaving it blank help? Using your vote to prove a point isn't going to do any good, it's just going to help Obama win...
I don't expect to help because at this point nothing will help.
That's the attitude that got us Obama to begin with. Please just think it over.
No, what got us Obama was the fall '08 housing crisis and a lack luster candidate. This time the economy will work in our favor but there's no helping a lack luster candidate. As a conservative I will be blamed for Obama winning whether I vote for him or Romney or just abstain so what's the point?
Complacency never helped anything. It doesn't matter who's blamed, it's that you try to do anything in your power to get Obama out. You think he did badly this term? He will let loose next term. We have to get him out. 
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