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NSU Study Abroad Canada Trip
The story of two faculty and ten students studying abroad in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
The story of two faculty and ten students studying abroad in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

NSU Study Abroad Canada Trip's posts

Going Home

Yesterday was our last day of class. We recapped and assessed the class as a whole. Overall we rated the class a great success.

I was very pleased with the class and would love to take another study abroad class. The city was beautiful. You can tell the community takes great pride in their city and is respectful of the environment.

I climbed a mountain, canoed, kayaked for the first time, went to the beach multiple times, went to a music festival, toured multiple companies, and learned a lot about the people around me. This was the first time in my college experience that I have ever had to live in a dorm and I must say it was very fun and better than expected.

I try to experience as much of the local culture when I travel and I feel this trip has accomplished that. I will never forget my experiences and I have the pictures to remember them by. My greatest love is traveling and I have no intention on stopping anytime soon. I look forward to my next study abroad trip. I just hope I get as lucky to have such wonderful professors and funny roommates.

Glad to be back in SD!
Teressa Schipke

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Going home
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Hi everyone,

I am going to keep it nice and short. This was a wonderful experience and I thank NSU for providing the opportunity for us to come. I also wanted to thank Dr. Barclay and Walter for teaching us about business and exploring with us throughout the trip.

I would never have done any of these things we were able to do if I was not here. This includes: Ziplining, tour all the companies we did, and getting on transit (and not getting lost). All I can say is “THANK YOU”

This trip was breathtaking.

Thank you,
Megan Pushor

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Hiking Knox Mountain
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July 16, 2013

Today was another wonderful day in Kelowna. We took our final (hopefully we all pass with flying colors!) and spent the rest of the day enjoying the weather and different activities. A few of us went to the H2O Zone, which is a water sport facility owned by The Y. I felt like a kid again going on the waterslides and relaxing on the lazy river. I even tried the body board on the Flow Rider (I think it could also be called Wave Rider). But we all had a blast! After we got back, the Barclay family invited us to have ice cream with them. I want to thank them again for inviting us! I really appreciate it!

Overall, my experience here in Kelowna has been an amazing one! The trip, class, tours, and cultural experience has exceeded my expectations! I am blessed at getting this opportunity to come here and thank both Professor Barclay and Walters for teaching us and showing that we will survive going to a different country. If I get a chance to come back here again, I will definitely do it.

Jordan Melius

Weekend Life

Since coming here, I’ve spent a lot of my time in Downtown Kelowna. The first weekend was by far my favorite. Starting last year, they have hosted a huge music festival called Keloha. I purchased a 3-Day ticket and was able to enjoy several bands including Mutemath, Matt & Kim, and MGMT. I also had the chance to relax on the beach and meet several Canadian locals.  

The culture of the people here is very similar to ours, but I would say they are a bit more friendly. The owners and employees of these downtown shops show a sense of friendliness and also attention to their customers’ needs. I’ve talked to several owners who have shared their forms of marketing and reasoning behind business ideas. I’ve also talked to employees who have told me how hard the job market is in the area since it is such a desirable location. It makes sense why these people would have a great attitude and work to keep their jobs.

Overall, I’ve truly enjoyed the experience here in Canada. It’s exceeded everything I imagined and I plan on coming back here in the future.

Nate Poeppel

July 15th, 2013

We have had some amazing tours at local businesses that exceeded my expectations.  The professors did a really nice job at picking places and getting them lined up.  This last weekend was nice and warm.  On Saturday we went to the Farmer’s Market.  They had quite a few vendors and many of them were organic products.  That was interesting to go to because there were such a wide variety of items.  
On Sunday we decided to go to the beach.  It was a beautiful day for it since there was a slight breeze.  

Today during class we presented our case studies.  Every group did very well and we got to see how three different companies interacted between Canada and the United States.  The presentations sparked many questions about further marketing and management topics which was really interesting to analyze why companies are choosing which management and marketing techniques to use.  

After class, Cassidy and I decided to go hiking on the trail, Paul’s Tomb, on Knox Mountain.  We decided to take the easy way and walked along the base of the mountain on the road until we hit the trail.  It led us to a secluded bay area where you could go swimming.  We have hiked on three mountains now and Canyon Falls was my favorite even though we didn't get to see the waterfalls eye level.  It wasn't a far hike but it also wasn't the safest.  Once you got down the mountain so far you had the option to grab onto a rope and shimmy down the rest of the way.  This was last Thursday and we also had walked around 6 miles before this hike so we decided not to shimmy down any ropes, we were beat! 

Heidi Mehlberg

July 12th, 2013

In the morning, Dr. Barclay talked about the different levels of management.  There is front line management, who are responsible for the employees and day-to-day activities.  They are concerned about the next six months to one year.  The next level is middle management, who oversees the front line managers.  They are focused on the next one to four years.  The top level is top management.  Their job is to oversee middle management and to make sure the business stays in business.  They are looking forward to the next five years and beyond.  We also discussed the different levels of management concerning public and private organizations.  The public organizations have a CEO, CFO, COO, etc. and a board of directors.  The private organizations have a President, Executive Vice President, Vice President, etc.

At 1:00, we toured Urban Distilleries.  The owner gave us a tour and explained the process of how they make vodka, gin, whiskey, and rum.  After the tour, we had a tasting.  He explained how much the government regulates his business and how many taxes are taken out.  It was interesting to learn about the different equipment that is used and how he got started. 

Overall, I have had an amazing experience in Kelowna.  It is so beautiful and there are so many activities to do in the area.  The people are so warm and welcoming.  I have loved experiencing the different culture and meeting new people.  It has been a wonderful experience!

-Vanessa Smith

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Urban Distilleries Tour with Mike Urban
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Today we had a short lecture with Professor Barclay. He discussed the levels of management starting with the employees all the way up through top management. We spoke about the roles each level has and how far out each person of each level typically plans for. We also discussed some differences between how top management of public versus private companies are laid out. It was obvious that no one design of top management will fit every company and that the company itself must choose which way is best.
Later after lunch, we all piled in the vehicles and went to Urban Distilleries. There, we learned about how the owner, Mike Urban, got into making craft spirits, what goes into the distilling process, and government regulations on spirits. Distilling was a hobby of Mike’s and he did not start doing it as a career until he had to close an electronics business due to outsourcing. From there, he made a business plan and toured two places in Arizona that used the stills he was interested in using. Urban then ordered custom stills that met his needs and starting working. 
We got to see the bottling process at Urban. They were filling hand-blown glass hockey sticks with their vodka while we were there. It looked like a task that required a lot of patience. Then we made our way to the front room where tastings are done. Mike told us about how little someone that makes spirits actually makes due to taxes and regulations in British Columbia and Canada. It takes someone with true dedication and passion for a business to keep it going after 3 years of not getting an actual paycheck. The tasting itself was interesting. Some of the drinks I liked and some I didn’t.
Overall, it was a very informative and interesting tour. I was able to tie some things to the tours we previously had as well. I definitely enjoyed seeing how Urban Distilleries makes its products and learning about some of the difficulties of being in that type of business. 
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