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Puzzle time, place these overblown or completely false epidemics in chronological order.

A. Missing hot white chicks.
B. car jacking
C. ADHD for all kids
D. Road rage
E. Leaking breast implants
F. Crack babies taking over schools
G. Old people eating cat food
H. San Francisco values
I. Anchor babies
J. W.M.D.s
K. Job killers
L. Marilyn MANSON
M. Bullies
N. Battered women murder defense
O. Gangster rap
P. Part of this complete breakfast
Q. Restless legs
R. Welfare queens
S. Body image causing anorexia
T. Letting the terrorists win
U. Its NOT global warming!
V. Activist judges
W. "special rights" for homosexuals
X. Devil worship churches
Y. White dudes are the new minority
Z. Virgins getting AIDS from a dental procedure

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i'll go with bdaefc shauna let me know if i won anything lol.
Bob S
Crack babies taking over schools of ADHD for all kids by Car jacking on Road rage while Missing hot white chicks waiting with leaking breast implant LOL I am good on scrabble but it is ????? LOL
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