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It´s all about perspective.
It´s all about perspective.

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Well, that escalated quickly ...

I thought I got rid of these beasts. But the empire strikes back! The evildoers are small scale insects. They are everywhere and harming the plant in a way now I cannot tolerate anymore and I´m going to use some stuff to get rid of them finally. But typical for my luck, now it´s 3° C outside again, so I have to wait for warmer temperatures to spray the tree. Wish me luck.

And I´m going to check all other trees now for cross infections.

#bonsai #ficus #pests #bonsaitree

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How to repair a snapped bonsai branch
A favorite bonsai is blown off a bench during strong winds and several important branches get broken. Or, when wiring a tree, a branch is bent a little too far and the branch snaps. Many things can actually happen when the tree is not indoor and then timing...

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A topic as controversial as bonsai soil, That is bonsai rules. How rigid do you think these "rules" should be? Click here and find out what I think. 

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I had no soil left, I couldn´t do important work, so I wired my acer camprestre today. Not pleased with the tip, for me it is always the most difficult part to do. The gap on the left will be filled out soon with the branch spreading out from the bud there. The distance is not as I want it, I want from lower branch to upper branches finer gaps. It´s still in development. But it´s got all the branches where they "have to be", at every bend of the trunk is a branch placed. Could be a tree for a textbook or so :).

#bonsai #bonsaitree # maple

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Mehr als schade. Unter anderem, weil Bonsai eine Nischenkunst ist, und wenn das Angebot an den sowieso schon übersichtlichen, vor allem deutschsprachigen Quellen an guten Informationen weiter schwindet, tut das der Kunst und dem Hobby nicht gut. Alles Gute weiterhin!

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4 years now! I got this as a nursing case, it was a typical S-form so called bonsai, ficus microcarpa, to find here in Germany in hardware stores and discounters and bonsai nurserys as well - as "Bonsai". The owner left it in the shop I worked, forgot about it, so I took it home. The developing is not that bad for a case like that. Got a lot of ramification now, an old trunk with interesting movement, it´s healthy and happy. Ok, perhaps not so happy now, after I worked on it:

As I reduced the roots so much by taking away the main root (forgot to take a picture), I found it more secure to defoliate it completly to reduce evaporation. The roots are too less now to get water to all the foliage! So it could dry out qiuckly and if the water column once is broken the tree is gone ...

I first wanted to cut it, especially the left second branch (the lower branch is more important for a semicaskade) but I try out now what happens if I leave it like it is. So I can see how the buds will spread and can plan the further ramification. Fall is wiring time, I can see the skeleton now and figured out what I want to do and as I got something like pads now I can define them. The branches to the right will be horizontal again of course and I already found the branch for the new tip. Fall is better for wiring because the tree is not growing that much and the wire will not cut in so quickly.

#bonsai #bonsaitree #ficusmicrocarpa

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Sight of the new roots and repotting my Acer palmatum (hope it wasn´t to late, it already sprouted out) and minor cutting. The rootbase is developing nicely after air layering.

I would like to have some advice from you guys, keep it upright or redesign the tree? I think I will never get an pleasing form to it, or do you think the tapering could be improved in future? I don´t like the big hole in the middle of the tree and the changeover from the trunk to the thinner tip there. And the overall apearence is so straight, no movement in the trunk. Perhaps a broom form would fit better? What do you think?

#bonsai #bonsaitree #maple

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Not much to say here, Acer palmatum `katsura(?)` repotting.

#bonsai #bonsaitree
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