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Putting responsible breeders in touch with caring owners
Putting responsible breeders in touch with caring owners

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Nice but naughty frozen peanut butter and bacon truffles for your dog. Quick and easy to make, dogs would eat the lot in one sitting they're so good. Very, very nice!   #dogtreats  

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I know this message is coming from everywhere, but it can't be said often enough. Leaving your dog in the car can be fatal, and fatal very fast - #heatstroke is a horrible death.

Please, think twice and then again before taking your dog out in the car during hot weather. A little separation anxiety for both of you is a small price to pay for leaving your furkid safe and cool at home.

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A 5 foot tall Gromit as Buzz Lightyear from the Pixar studios. 80 artist and designer decorated Gromits are forming an outside Art Exhibition in Bristol this summer. All Bristolians and visitors have to do is track them down!
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