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ROCK MY HEART (Mayhem) -- International Bestseller!!!
SHOUTS FROM THE ROOFTOPS! I AM OFFICIALLY AN INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR!!!!!! Holy. Crap. The German version of MAYHEM, ROCK MY HEART , is officially killing it over in Germany! Just look at this! Yeah. That's me. Just chilling a few spots under E L...

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It’s finally here! HAVOC went live today!!!! Mike Madden’s
story is here! AMAZON B&N IBOOKS KOBO GOOGLE PLAY AUDIBLE GOODREADS Mayhem Series fans have been waiting almost two years for
the drummer of The Last Ones to Know to get his happily ever after, and ...

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BREAKING: The Mayhem Series Gets A T-Shirt!!!
THE MAYHEM SERIES HAS AN OFFICIAL T-SHIRT!!! I repeat, the Mayhem Series has an OFFICIAL freaking T-shirt, and you can order yours today! Show your love for your favorite fictional rock band, The Last Ones to
Know! Rock t...

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HAVOC Cover Release!
THE HAVOC COVER IS HERE!!! THE HAVOC COVER IS HERE!!! Check it out, along with the official synopsis and a juicy excerpt, exclusively on USA Today! YES OMG SHOW ME THE COVER! I hope you love it! Let me know in the comments, or give me a shoutout on Facebook !

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Mayhem 4 Title Announcement!
You fangirled over Adam Everest in MAYHEM ... You melted for Joel Gibbon in RIOT ... You swooned over Shawn Scarlett in CHAOS ... Soon, fall hopelessly in love with drummer Mike Madden in....... HAVOC ! That's right -- the fourth and final Mayhem series boo...

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MAYHEM #4 (Mike's Book) -- Coming Early 2017!!!
OMGOMGOMFGOMGOMG YOU GUYS!!!! This announcement just went live on Publisher's Marketplace: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I'm so excited to FINALLY share that I will be releasing this book early next year, and that the heroine of Mike's story will b...

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CHAOS Street Team
Hi all! Just wanted to post an update to let you know that
my CHAOS street team members have been chosen! If you weren’t selected for this
round, please don’t be discouraged -- I am going to create a new street team
for each book release, so you’ll have ple...

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CHAOS Audiobook Narrators
  The CHAOS audiobook narrators are officially official, and they aaare..... drum roll pleeeease Khristine Hvam and Andy Paris! Khristine. Freaking. Hvam!!!! Why is it SO FREAKING COOL that Khristine is narrating CHAOS, you ask? It's because my love of ro...

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I'm Making a Street Team!
With CHAOS less than two months away, I've decided to form a street team! A STREET. FREAKING. TEAM! So what IS a street team? Basically, it's a group of superfans who would like to help me promote my books, and in exchange, receive some awesome perks! (Like...

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CHAOS Cover Reveal
Does this cover rock or what?! I'm so stoked because I had a HUGE say in this one! I hand-picked the cover image and the color of the title, and I love the way it all turned out! It's like a scene straight out of the book, and in less than three months, you...
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