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Stay A While And Listen...
Stay A While And Listen...

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If you're looking for some dota II gameplay, and some prizes for watching a stream check this out. :D

DIABLO III Release date! May 15th!!!!

Diablo 3 rumored to come out on april 17th, info from an italian website. heres link.!
"Activision has revealed Italy to several large retailers Italian release date, some yet to be confirmed at the world average by Blizzard but rather than trust, of Diablo III . This would be the April 17, and prices are now set at € 54.90 for the standard edition and € 89.90 for the Collector."-google translated

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made this A while ago it's my prof pic!

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People are hoping for a CeBIT release date, this will be happening from march 6-10

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Check out these never before seen skills! And areas! (some of them*)

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Diablo 3 to come out in Q2!
(announced at most recent conference call)

Beta is sweet, 2 lvl 13s, (Monk and WD), unfortunately my computer can't run the beta very well with Quick time open and recording, I'll keep trying to get it to work though!

Just got in the beta it's AWESOME, expect gameplay soon!
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