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This is why I've told my family and friends too invest in a physical safe, with some file folders.
I write down all passwords for all my different accounts and keep them in a file folder inside a secure safe, just for these types of disasters.

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And yet if you live in New York State, or after January 16, 2013 Big Obama, announcement you won't be able to save your family anyways. It's just like walking on the streets of any New York, City with these sweeping changes in laws.
This is the last picture a photographer took before telling them to 'stand just a little bit closer' to the rhino.

They did stand closer. Then the rhino attacked, penetrating the woman's chest with its horn, breaking ribs and collapsing one of her lungs. 

My advice: No matter what the photographer says, this is already about 100 feet too close. You don't want to $#@! with rhinos.
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