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Super happy about these prices... (Pun intended)

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At work...

So damn bored at work right now...

Can't sleep... damn insomnia!

Back on Google+ for a min...

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Finally getting used to wearing a tie on a daily basis again. 

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Spring Break Panama City, March 2012
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On my way to Nacogdoches...

I'm probably gonna take some heat for this one... WHAT'S WRONG WITH PEOPLE? Like it or not Rush Limbaugh should be allowed to say what he did on the radio in AMERICA!
Let me dumb it down for some of you. I don't want the GOVERNMENT or ADVERTISERS to control what I listen to on the radio. (That's probably why I'm a satellite radio subscriber)

(Full disclosure - I never liked Rush Limbaugh, his show, or his politics but understand FULLY that I need to defend him as well as I defended Don Imus for his "Nappy Headed Hoes" comment a few years back.)

As horrific as his comments were, there was NO FCC Violation (sadly)!

A lot of you dopes are confused by "I'm offended" & "I'm offended and NO ONE should be allowed to listen to him". THERE'S A BIG DIFFERENCE!

As much as I disagree with what he said (I find it to be disgusting personally...), I will fight for his Constitutional right to say it. (Please God, let him slip an F-Bomb on the air, or some other legitimate FCC violation... lol)
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