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Hair Implantation In Cochin

Why Hair Fixation methods are so popular these days?
                     One of the most common grievances happening to most men and to 40 percent of women is hair loss. Hair loss often isolates us emotionally deep within yourself. Only hair losers understand the emotion and relates. We feel so stressed and will not be in condition to discuss with our beloveds. As a hair looser we may feel like identity is lost and even the self image too.
Especially many of the celebrities and people around are getting familiarised with treatment of surgical hair restoration. Hair transplantation is just a common procedure in the film industry. As hair loss for celebrities is becoming a hot subject of discussions. Celebrities always need to maintain their looks and personality to survive in the industry. Hair plants are one of the premium brands for hair implantation in Dubai. The branches of Hair Plants are in GCC countries such as Saudi, Oman, Baharin, Dubai etc.
In case of surgical hair transplantation technique individual hair follicles from the ‘donor site’ is moved to a bald or balding part of the body known as the ‘recipient site’. This technique is mainly used for men. Hair transplantation is even used for restoration of eye lashes, beard hair, chest hair, eyebrows and can even fill in scars caused by surgery or accidents. Naturally hair grows in a pattern of 1 to 4 hairs. Hair transplantation is known as FUT(Follicular unit transplantation)
DHI is the one of the most effective method of hair restoration. In Kerala the clinics are located at Cochin and Kozhikode. DHI regains the lost identity and makes it a life changing decision. Hair plants have highly experienced experts with more than 15 years in area of hair restoration. Patients are treated with the most modern techniques in hair restoration. Also guidance and advices are provided regarding the changes to be made in life style to improve proper hair growth.
PRP (Platelet rich plasma program) is another technique which results in rapid hair once the transplantation is done. Strict care in life style needs to be maintained to enhance the growth patterns.
Hereditary factors along with modern life style and stress contributes to hair loss. Hair loss can happen to any age and results in the formation of baldness. Some methods that helps to overcome baldness are applying shampoos, medical potions and even hair transplantation.
Multiple methods are used in case of Hair transplant surgery. DHI is one method which is being extensively used. One of the new and innovative processes offered by DHI is the direct MPG. For those who don’t opt hair transplant surgery direct MPG is used as an alternative option. Its extensively used for men and women. By the technique of MPG scalp is marked with ink resembling in tiny hair. This method is known as Cosmetic Hair Follicle Replication. This implies to a fullness look as it decreases the contrast between scalp and colour of the hair. The idea behind MPG is scalp pigmentation which gives a feel of thickening effect and gives a mass look.
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