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Dedicated to a mass exodus from Facebook
Dedicated to a mass exodus from Facebook

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Hello.  I'm pretty new to DSLR photography.  I understand the basic physics of photography reasonably well, so I am now starting to focus on the art.

I'm getting to the point where I think about multiple aspects of the image I want to create BEFORE I set the camera and snap the picture.  Sometimes it even works.

So far I've been lurking this community for inspiration and to try to understand what the critics are talking about when they pick or pan Voting Pool submissions.

I figure it will be a long time yet before I'm ready to enter a picture, but for now I am really grateful for the education provided here.  There are some great photogs posting!

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Del McCoury Band. I still love some bluegrass. 

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Getting ready for the big event. (full disclosure, I work for

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A very similar thing happened to me once. Someone was breaking into my apartment bldg late at night while I watched from the 3rd. floor. I called 911. Cops pulled up 2 mins later. Cop #1 asks the guy in black sweats with prybar in hand, "Which way did they go?"

Christmas is better over here on Google+

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Because who doesn't like the ol' "Year in Photos" package, trite though it may be...

My favorite in the thumbs...

It's 59 degrees in my back yard. Sitting on porch for likely last time til May. 

Is it just me, or did both the Bellringers and the insane winter wind at Sears Tower come early this year?
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