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Ameera Mian

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The Old School Friend
It was so nice to see her again. The café she chose was small. It had dark walls with bright coloured decor hanging on them. She told me about her travels and her job and her new boyfriend. My last year wasn’t as interesting. We had gotten through two teas,...

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Window Seats
They had given me the wrong burger. I paid for a large but I received a small so I was pretty pissed off already. I had reserved the window seat so the journey wasn’t a complete disaster. “You know, I always forget to get off at my stop.” She had been sitti...

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An Untitled Novel: Chapter 15: Christmas At Cheltenham
(A few years have passed since the last excerpt I posted and this one - Mallory has moved away to boarding school after a lot of things were exposed about the family. Last excerpt that I will post from the novel. Hope you enjoys the bits I got to share with...

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An Untitled Novel: Chapter 6: The Brownie Confrontation
Miss Greenfield opened the classroom doors that opened up to the playground. A world map was hanging in front of the white board for the lesson she had just taught, with a few of the children still taping their pieces of paper filled with facts onto the cou...

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An Untitled Novel: Chapter 4: Mr Bond's Quick Escape
Strawberry laces spiralled into fossilised shapes in trays where Mallory stood. Using a finger, she traced over their outlines on the glass that separated her chapped lips from sucking at the crystal flavours. Michael, further down the road, moved graduall...

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An Untitled Novel: Chapter 3: Breakfast At The Turners'
“You got home quite late last night.” The Turners were all sat at the breakfast table; mum dishing out some eggs and beans for Pete and leaving his dad to fend for himself. “Can I get a hold of one of them eggs?” Pete’s dad, Mr Turner, looked disappointingl...

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An Untitled Novel: Chapter 1: A Trail Home
Two plaits fell, hugging each ear, dimming the hum of the water as she walked along in her pinafore dress. Her elder brother, Michael, and his friend, Pete, ran past her knocking her schoolbag to the ground. “Go away!” she screamed. They ran ahead laughing ...

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Hello Friends,
I haven't posted in a while but I have still been writing a lot (in case you were worried). I will be posting some things from last year, as well as a few from this year. The last bits of my experimentation with poetry will now be available for you all to c...

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A New City
Black mist escaped the locked cage in which he aged. Drones of flies escaped, leaving a young moth. Looking out to the city, it seemed daunting; an adventure that could beat him. His metamorphosis was unbearable. The warm capsule was home to him allowing hi...

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Inwards, inwards the young caterpillar stewed. Sweetly it settled, beating in a blanket; safe. Up in the branches it would be due. Outraged, nature sent a myriad of shots. For such security shocked nature, provoking the dispatch of the most deceptive assail...
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