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Melodic, dynamic, organic and fun -- Metaeaux is musical euphoria!
Melodic, dynamic, organic and fun -- Metaeaux is musical euphoria!

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Photos from my third gig. I did a   #youtube  mashup and ran it on a projector along to my music. You can find the mashup here:
The Photon Exchange set (7 photos)
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This is the story behind my album 'Adjuvare' that I recently posted on Bandcamp

In 2009 I was a freelance web developer attempting to create a business writing iPhone Apps. Apple Rejected the web browser I wrote ( #boycottApple ) for a number of reasons (, and along with the Global Financial Crisis, I was unable to continue my career and I had to move state and live with my mum in a small country town for 7 months while I got my career back on track.

During that period of time, I became completely nocturnal. I followed the moon phases religiously and I'd spend hours each night staring at the stars immersed in a deep sense of wonder. I couldn't afford any decent recording gear so I decided to use my android phone to start recording the ambient sounds of the peaceful surrounds as I gazed into the Universe. I spent my time alone, it was just me and the Universe and I loved every moment of it.

I decided I would start to capture the emotions I felt from that experience and express them as best I could in the form of music. That process culminated in an album I wrote called 'Adjuvare' for short. The full title is 'Adiumentum emenandum ab astrae' or 'Healing that emanates from the stars'.

In recent times, some close friends of mine have convinced me to start sharing my music, so I've made a Bandcamp page and I've released 5 albums that were written over the past 3 years. The first album I have released is 'Adjuvare'.

The album is #ambient   #downtempo   #electronicmusic  and it features a lot of #glitch  and processed sounds common to the #IDM  genre. #BoardsOfCanada  played an enormous influence in the sound design palette. Their textured and nostalgic sounds are a huge inspiration for me.

You can name your own price for the album. All proceeds from album sales will go straight into buying music gear. I'm hoping to acquire my first analogue synth so I can really develop my sound further and explore even more sonic space.

I hope you enjoy the album. :)
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