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Every DLC hoarders wet dream.

$15000 Buys you everything. EVERYTHING.

"Need to have it all? The Completionist package lets you have all ships announced up to 2014, plus a couple of future ones. All limited ships and limited flair come with an extra copy of themselves. The package also comes loaded with Hangar decorations and 20,000 UEC Starting Money for game launch."

Sell your car to beat the game. LOL

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If you are a Linux user and have been enjoying steam for Linux then you might like this too.

I just got my A+ certification!


Cooling question:

The highest temp I get from my processor is about 61C after 12h of cryptocurrency mining but it'll kick up the dual upper exhaust fans and the temps will drop and average about 55C. Long and intense gaming rarely gets the temp up past 50C. Interestingly increasing my intake and rear exhaust fan speed doesn't improve cooling performance. For whatever strange reason keeping my intake fan moderate, the water pump slow, rear exhaust slow, and the dual upper exhaust fans high seems to work best.

*Does anybody have similar strange experiences with cooling?

*Anybody know a performance and temperature monitoring software that can spit out some charts for me so I can figure out a more precise setting for my fans?

BTW, my fan controller is a cruddy case integrated one that changes the voltage sent to the fans to increase or decrease the speed of all fans connected to it. My water cooling radiator prevents me from using the upper 5.25" slot for a proper fan controller.

Hello again folks, been awhile since I posted anything here.

Happy Fast Sunday!

We now have over 500 members! A year ago we had about 100 in a short time.

I'd like to bear my testimony to you guys of Christ's healing power and the strength the knowledge of his promises brings to myself. About a few weeks ago now my aunt of 63 years of age had passed away and gone back to her God.

Unlike other deaths I've experienced of close relations this one did not hurt. Its not that there was a lack of love for her, everyone in the family held her dear. I just knew she wasn't lost. I knew her spirit was with God. I knew that I would see her again. There was nothing for me to cry over since she is in a higher state than I. Even for myself I cannot find reason to complain.

My father this morning gave a testimony and spoke about how much The Lord had done to help him bury his sister. How it brought some of his step siblings together with him again (who had some tensions with him and my uncle during my grandfather's funeral). How he was with his brother whom he loves. It shows how much love is in my family even when things had been bitter.

I bear my witness that God's power can heal bitter wounds. His sure promises can comfort us that we cannot remember the smart. That there is a place prepared for us.

In the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ,


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Just imagine the jump in computer performance...
Meg Whitman & Martin Fink HP Discover General Ses…:

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I just finished my new build and am really excited. I'm going to get my hands back in there later to adjust the radiator fans and try to squeeze a few more cables around but thus far I've never had a case with such enormous air flow. Not to mention it has wonderful dust filters. My old case had a bundle of wires and looked especially ugly. This new case is awesome, Fractal Design did an amazing job with all the features it has for under $100. Cable management is great, though I figured out some things could be better handled I'm very happy that the interior is so much more tidy than I am used to. It is compact, but kinda wide. It fits right in my desk though and has a nice little fan controller integrated into the case near the power button. Only issue i've encountered is that if I change the fan speed with the controller switch while the computer is on it'll reboot the computer for some stupid reason (psu maybe?). I already overclocked the 750k to a comfy 4.3Ghz thanks to the AsRock OC presets. I figure I could push it much farther but I don't want to stress the PSU. Everything about this computer feels much more snappy and I've found that framerates in some of my games went up by 5-10fps which is a tidy little performance increase. Noise is greatly reduced from my first build. No more rattling, grinding, or whining fans. Now the machine has a nice humming sound that is easily masked over by the ambient noise in my home. I'll buy a new GPU and PSU in the future and I'll look into a SSD if I'm not entirely broke. Some Noctua fans might be a good idea for improved silence and air flow. For now I'll just be content with blasting baddies and a computer that doesn't sound like a vacuum cleaner. :D

The Details:
AMD Athalon 750k @ 4.3Ghz (26C idle 48C max observed)
Cooler Master Seidon 240M
AsRock FM2 A55M-VG3+
4GB GSkill DDR3 1600
Zotac Geforce 650Ti AMP! Edition
Fractal Design FD-CA-ARC-MINI-R2-BL-W Black Steel MicroATX Mini Tower
Corsair CX430 430W PSU
Seagate 1TB HDD
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