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Progress is made one intentional step at a time. Be patient and persistent.
Progress is made one intentional step at a time. Be patient and persistent.

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Anybody got an idea why my site isn't accepting any changes in my style.css file.  Currently I'm running the site locally on my Mac using Mamp.  I just have the raw template files with no css at all (just the comments at the top to make the theme work).  When I try to apply some css nothing shows up.  I even tried something simple like p{ color:red;} but no changes at all.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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This is an amazing video. Though, I don't have any children, I'm definitely in agreement with what is spoken here.  Our educational system is fundamentally broken.  It is in serious need of change.  Politicians won't do it.  Only parents can.  Listen to this and learn...


I'm new here and have been hanging around for a little bit.  I like the place and hope to learn lots and eventually share some of my experiences down the road.  

I've got some questions for you all.  

I've been reading about freelance blogging and am drawn to it, but I'm also somewhat skeptical about the claims I read.  Is it really possible to make $100 per post?  How may here are actually doing that?  How long are those posts and how are you finding clients that will pay that?  

I've been to several blogs lately that used to pay for posts but they are not any more?  How has the downturn in the economy affected your ability to make money freelance blogging?

Anybody feel like jumping in with some thoughts?

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One of the Most Absurd Statements I've Heard in Years.

From the Hill:

Absolutely amazing...and completely disgusting.  The more I watch politicians the more I believe that in order to be successful in politics you must first submit to a frontal lobotomy.  

This is nothing more than an attempt to build a sound bite for self-promotion. That’s what disgusts me.

Look, I don’t personally like abortion and I’m not a fan of bad guys having guns. But I embrace enough realism to know that human nature is not controllable by law.  Did no one learn anything from the Prohibition Era? 

Illegal abortions have occurred well before Roe vs. Wade and did untold damage to women.  And guns?  My dad used to say “Locks only keep the honest people out.”  Gun laws only keep the honest people vulnerable.  Bad guys don’t care about gun laws.  They will always find a way.  

Stockman is counting on the controversy to keep him in the public eye in his bid for re-election.  I get that it’s part of a marketing campaign, but come on.  Babies and guns?  Baby’s owning guns?  Why do we keep putting up with sound bites that are simply absurd?  Why do we put up with sound bites at all?  Aren’t you getting tired of issues being reduced to moronic bumper sticker cuteness?  What happened to actually discussing the issues in a civil manner?  Is that even possible anymore? 

 I’m tired of politicians who incessantly spit out simplistic answers to questions that need to be explored with intelligence and patience.  I’m tired of the internet trolls who only wish to antagonize and can’t think past their own stupid sound bites.  I keep wondering when we’ll grow up and start thinking before we speak.  

But that’s just my opinion.  What’s yours?  I’d like to hear.  

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+J.C. Kendall shared these thoughts and they should be considered.  They are so true.
A moment?

I've been thinking about Kevin Ware, laying up in a hospital bed tonight, wondering about his future, and the thoughts going through my mind informed me about a few things I want to share with you. 

You might think that you have lots of years left on this earth, lots of opportunities, options galore, but the truth is, you just dont know. 

You might think that waiting one more year for that dream vacation you've been wanting to share with your family is a prudent economic decision. 

You might think that what went on in Cypress cant happen in the western world, that when it comes down to it, politicians will choose you over the banks that fund their campaigns. 

You might think that the person you neglect, ignore, and say harsh things to, will keep on forgiving you and remain patiently by your side. 

You might think there is some kind of honor in working like a madman to make someone else rich while you can barely pay your bills. 

You might think that crazy idea you have is just the product of a wandering mind, and has no chance of success. 

What I am trying to say, is that today is all you know that you have. You have no idea about tomorrow, and what it might bring.

You may think you have it all figured out, when in fact, tomorrow might screw up your entire life's plan.

My advice, whether you want it or not, is to love those you love, like tomorrow is not promised to you, because it aint.

Take that trip, buy that house, marry that woman/man, get that degree, start that business, have that baby, buy that puppy, learn to do that thing you always dreamed of, and whatever you do, love your people like you might never see them again.

Make it happen, because in reality, nobody is stopping you, but you. 

Just go for it. 

Thanks for reading. 

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Back yard visitors this morning.

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Thanks, +Lolly Daskal for sharing this. It's an awesome quote. Certainly one that we all need to keep uppermost in our minds. Steve was obviously a man that lead from within -- from his heart. A true inspiration.
Wow! Now this is a quote that will hit you:
"Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart." - Steve Jobs

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Thank you Steve for being the inspiration you were. Thank you for sharing your genius with the rest of the world. May you rest in peace.

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Why we need to get rid of the NEA.
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