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Art Inspired By Nature
Art Inspired By Nature
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I'm a little embarrassed to admit that some days are just like this. I want to do Something, but my mind is Blank, so I end up doing admin stuff like posting, pinning, checking tags on posts etc. Searching new venues.

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St. Francis Of Assisi, The Original Environmentalist
Happy Earth Day! St. Francis of Assisi was speaking of the love and importance of the natural world long before the word Environmentalist . May the love of the natural world bring harmony and peace to all in the spirit of St. Francis. A person who acknowled...

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Great Pyrenees Dog Portrait
Finished! This Great Pyrenees original dog portrait painting is for Big Fluffy Dog Rescue . It was commissioned by a passionate dog and animal lover who adopted sibling 'Pyrs' from this rescue. Wonderful companions - her babies :) Many heartfelt thank you's...

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Rescue Dog Portrait
In progress, almost finished! 8"x10" acrylic on canvas for a rescue site. I love painting and drawing our furry canine companions :) Can you guess what breed?

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Watercolor Practice I
One of the most important things to know when starting something new is that at first it's going to be awkward, uncomfortable,and frustrating at times. That's expected and o.k. KEEP GOING. Eventually, as you become more comfortable with the new venture, you...

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Materials for Coloring & Watercolor Classes
Supply List Of   Materials for the Kirk Bear Canyon Library Classes: These are some of the art supplies I used to create the demo examples for the class. You may prefer to use supplies you already have, and that’s perfectly fine. Your results may be differe...

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Colored Pencils for Coloring Classes
Colored Pencil Classes at the Kirk Bear Canyon Library March 6 & 20, 5:30 - 7:30. Ready for some creative coloring but confused about what to get, where to start? There are a lot of options out there and it can be a little overwhelming for the beginner, if ...

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New Colored Pencil Classes!
Time to learn new colored pencil techniques. If you are a beginner or already have experience with colored pencils, then Colored Pencils I and II are being offered this March at the Kirk Bear Canyon Library. Free to the public and sponsored by Friends of th...

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Happy Customers
Happy collectors of the very special St. Francis series. They make my heart glow with their personal stories :) Each commissioned portrait comes with a certificate of authenticity and a digital print of the artwork. The best part is the lovely people I have...

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St. Francis in Texas
St. Francis love is universal and here he is in Texas. Instead of the glass painting, this is an acrylic on a 9x12" cradled board. St. Francis main companions are two loving brindle boxers, a clever Amazon green napped parrot and a sweet Angus cow. Whimsica...
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