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Lisa Gray
Restless girl and writer woman seeking to make sense of her world
Restless girl and writer woman seeking to make sense of her world

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What is True?
Out of the blue, I received a phone call from someone in the midst of an anxiety attack. I wasn't prepared for this, but isn't this life? So much of it is full of things I am not prepared for, and I do it anyway. I asked my friend to take a deep breath (tru...

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A Birthday Girl
Today my girl turns 16. We made a time capsule for her on her first birthday. Today we will open it at dinner and discover what is in there. I honestly can’t recall, but what I can tell you is what is in my heart today. Parenting is a trip like none other.Y...

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You Heard It on The Radio
A local radio show asked me to discuss my writing as it pertains to some efforts I am making toward a book. Of course we discussed writing and life because the two really can't be separated in my mind and what I found myself thinking was, "This is so much f...

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On Birds and Change and Hope
We were both barely awake. I was not deep enough into my first cup of coffee and Ben's Monday morning eyes told me it would be slow going to make the bus on time. It had been a very full weekend and the remnants clung to both of us as we tried hard to work ...

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I’ve always had trouble feeling comfortable in my skin. I can trace it back to junior high journals where I write, “I wonder what it would feel like to, you know, feel at ease.”  I’ve said this at 13, at 21, at 27, at 33, at 41, and I can say it now. For as...

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What I Know
It feels like a weird time, doesn't it? Or is just me? Today marks the 4th anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting today and too many people in our country have been killed since that day. The lack of movement on this pressing issue baffles...

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"When someone shows you who they are, believe them."
“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”   These words by Dr. Maya Angelou have been rattling around in my head all week. This was the conundrum we faced in this election between two woefully imperfect candidates. One has too many ...

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What's That Word?
There were too many moment I didn't want to recount from last night's debate and so I was staring at the sky on the drive to an early morning dental appointment. The sky grounds me and fills me with joy, something I am struggling at holding onto in this ele...

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One of the best things I did for myself in the last year was to sign up to work in an online writing group with  Jena Schwartz . Because of this experience I've met and worked with a wide variety of writers and gained the confidence to apply for a  grant . ...

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Dedication of My No-Trump Vote
My nephew, Colton Gray, will be voting in his first election this November. I dedicate my No-Trump Vote to him. I remember feeling like a true American citizen with the first national vote I cast. It felt important because it was. And so it will go for Colt...
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