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Need held identifying artist please
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Glad to be off this week end good luck to the fisher men and women tomorrow and sunday 

Lewis pit besstest yet 

Lewis and lewiz pit #2

Been there got that maybe ill try and do that, news just spreads the flipping blues, government is sell everyone the bomb bay blues, our sky is falling, mountain tops keep sprawling, hold on my baby calling, oh dam Obama's grandma comes a crawling, Saudis drop a bomb, but it takes out damascus and lebanon, saw my first witch in my hall way,called my parents first time since mom changed, we need super man these days, glen beck hides nothing in these last of days, american stock market hits 2,800 in a few days,
`,~# don't let hatred live in your soul, that's when the devil get control, just like Jesus said,"pick up your [+] and folliw me,] ask him and you may get invisibility, all i did was ask and believe in the holy bible and jesus ya see, ask the witch to switch, fell into a pile of smoke and nothing, all channels talk about obamas vote scandling, better stop or ill give up the ending :-) believe me life is for an eternity, if you be one of gods go to be' hee hee
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