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Nidhi Rawat

COMBINING - the thoughts

its difficult to not cry
its difficult to not beat 
your head every time 
when you face shiiit 

when i tried it was all rough 
when i tried it all got stiff and stuffed 
i don't know upto when can i hold 
my will makes it so easy and gold

interaction i got everytime 
some got uleashed 
most got cupped in my mind 

its like i've become a vessel to hold
neither i can carry 
nor can i do  a stride 
just a vessel asking me to follow lifes tide

no, i hold neutral 
no, i hold base
i can see everytime i try
 its something got a rage

so this is end or i say to follow a beggining 
daily i try 
maybe one day i get the peace 
to which i admire this mysterious life

* nidhi rawat
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i am confused about my career , i want to be a doctor but also want to research as an astronomer . Is there anyway to be studying and also enjoying my aspiration plz help
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