G+ Hoaxes #20 | "Top 10 Media Manipulation Strategies" by Noam Chomsky

The text circulating online (eg: goo.gl/LOUqI) is wrongly attributed to linguist Noam Chomsky. He denied authorship in a reply to physicist Jean Bricmont in October 2010:
"I have no idea where it comes from. I did not make this compilation myself, I have not written or posted it on the Web. I guess whoever did it could argue that they are interpretations of what I have written here and there but certainly not in this form or as a list ."

The original French text was in fact written by Sylvain Timsit back in 2002 (goo.gl/jMqDh). It was later translated and even adapted to infographics (eg: goo.gl/4AovC and goo.gl/vVd2H).

Investigations ▶ French: goo.gl/E38Uz • Spanish: goo.gl/Ua0tAgoo.gl/IbcAZ • Portuguese: goo.gl/OStHJ • goo.gl/90EMy

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Cartoon: Made by Beattie (beattiecartoons.com) via +Feisal Kamil and +Linda Hedrick (goo.gl/B2d6T)
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