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Broken Contract Game Designer's Notebook #1
A page from my day planner - this week's page actually. This is going to be a new series of articles that details the process of game development. Sometimes it will focus on rules, but today we're going to talk about the process of developing a set of chara...

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The Orin Incident
Account of the Orin Labor Revolt 2306AD Perhaps
it had been inevitable, but it seemed none of the security forces were
prepared. In recent months the mine shafts in Orin had suffered several
structural failures, the result of a drive to make quotas pushing ...

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More Design Decisions and More Playtesting
Playtesting at Brainstorm in Chicago. Photo Matt Wirth I have to admit I've been neglecting the blog. It isn't that Broken Contract has taken a backseat. Indeed, it's actually been the primary focus of my "free time." Here is a breakdown of what has been go...

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Models, Components, and Playtesting!
June was a busy month and I feel like I neglected the blog as a result. Those who backed the Kickstarter have been getting updates every week or two but if you are just a lover of hobby blogs then you may feel like you've been missing out. If you are a fan ...

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Making Mine Scenery Part XV
This week so far I have messed around a little bit more with my batch of Horizon Creation 3D bits. I liked my first attempt at fencing so I made a bunch more to start with. A bunch of Horizon Creations 3D bits built into fencing. The two long sections use f...

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Making Mine Scenery Part XIV
It's been a while since I've really gotten stuck into doing some work on my mines. Over the last couple of weeks our beloved pitbull, Ian Mackaynine, has had 3 surgeries. He had a growth removed from his leg, but then he tore out one of his sutures running ...

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Dual Wielding, Stumbling, and All Manner of Fumbles
In a constant effort to improve game play in Broken Contract I've looked at notes from playtesting and decided to make some changes that I think will make for a more enjoyable gaming experience. This is the first batch of suggested changes to the current Be...

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Playtesting the Prod Gen-Mod and Dual Wielding
Nanomei Goliath from Aetherium standing in for a Prod Gen-Mod Model courtesy of Anvil-Eight Games Over the last two weeks I've taken time to sit down and try out some ideas for the the Prod Gen-Mod. It's always exciting trying out a new character with untes...

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Making Mine Scenery XIII
Mine section by Robh from Kickstarter/Lead Adventure Its been a while since I did a hobby post. The Kickstarter had me furiously painting models, but I didn't really touch any of the scenery during the last month or so. Today I wanted to shake the dust off ...

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Kickstarter Funded! So What's Next?
Ari Gaylen leaping into action against the Prods! We did it! We raised $4221 to release the first box of models and a bunch of extras. This is, of course, the first step in pursuing something much larger. The goal is to get as many people as possible playte...
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