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An interesting article which points out how silly the idea that 'all teen agers are able to use computers' is

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Why do programmers get Haloween and Christmas confused?
Because Dec 25 == Oct 31

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Found this on the net ;)

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Join a frozen superconductor for a far-out float on a magical Möbius strip.

Whoa! Hybrid HDD = Initial repo sync takes only an hour :D

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Manchester: home to worlds' first stored program computer.

65 years ago, the Manchester Small Scale Experimental Machine - nicknamed “Baby” - became the earliest computer in the world to run a program electronically stored in its memory. 

This was a flagship moment: the first implementation of the stored program concept that underpins modern computing. 

To read more about the "Baby" visit the official blog: and watch this video:

#manchester   #computer   #technology  

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Just found this, a post from 1 march 2012. Why isn't this enabled on chrome now, in 2013?
Smooth scrolling is smooth :)
Enable Google Chrome Smooth Scrolling

Finally! I tripped over this accidentally when looking at chrome://flags/ page. Until now I found it really annoying that scrolling was jumping instead of smoothly scrolling with animation, so you never loose track of content you're looking at... Firefox has had this for versions...

The good news is smooth scrolling is now supported. I don't know which version brought this to us, but in the latest Chrome version 17 it is. All you have to do is to enable it:

1. Open a new tab and enter address chrome://flags/
2. Find Smooth Scrolling flag.
3. Click Enable
4. Restart Chrome browser...

Voila. Happy scrolling everyone.

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I'd be totally OK with this tomorrow at #WWDC.

"Open iTunes" ... "NO."

+MUSE concert was awesome :D
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