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I wonder who won.
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Crowdfunding campaign, PyOpenWorm and more on this week’s OpenWorm Roundup!

Help design the OpenWorm crowdfunding campaign. Check out PyOpenWorm, a unified data access library for data about the c. elegans anatomy and model for the OpenWorm project.  New updates are available on the C. Elegans muscle cell mechanics validation in GitHub. Also, watch the latest status update posted to our YouTube channel.
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Terrible news again for North America's iconic Monarch butterfly. This winter's numbers are just a fraction of last year's catastrophic showing.

While the factors behind the collapse of this famous insect are not entirely understood, the species has lost over 150 million acres of breeding habitat since 1996. If we aren't able to claw back some habitat from industrial agriculture soon, we may well lose the monarch migration within the next few years.
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Postdoc position - Bio-Ontologist (m/f)

The plant biotechnology Innovation center of Bayer in Gent is part of Bayer CropScience NV in Diegem. The Gent site now has 350 employees and is the most important research and development center of the Seeds division of the Bayer group. Bayer CropScience is a leading international player in the research, development and marketing of agricultural and vegetable seeds with added value traits. The innovation and product development in Gent is focused on agricultural crops such as oilseed rape, cotton, rice and wheat. The Seeds division has more than 2700 employees worldwide. The headquarters of Bayer CropScience are in Monheim, Germany, The company has more than 20.700 employees in more than 120 countries. In the Gent Innovation center, the innovation and commercialization processes of improved plant varieties are being streamlined by integrating plant biotech research and global business support functions – such as legal, intellectual property, quality analysis & control and regulatory.

Job description 

1 - The postdoctoral fellow will work in a team together with representatives of several Bayer CropScience teams and divisions on the development and enrichment of bio-ontologies.
2 - As a member of the Computational Life Sciences division he/she will contribute to the standardisation and harmonisation of information resources (e.g.databases, applications).
3 - The fellow is expected to developed methods and solutions together with software developers to make end-user solutions fast, readily handled and interpretable.
4 - He/she will contribute to build insights about the functions of plants proteins and genes exploiting information based on bio-ontologies.
5 - The position is for 18 months, starting preferably on the 1st of July(2014), and is based in Ghent, Belgium.
6 - The position is co-funded by the EU FP7 Marie-Curie programme (

As a Plant Fellow you will also have the opportunity of developing new research directions within the broad field of plant computational biology. You will be provided with strong mentorship and be given appropriate scientific training opportunities. During the time spent at Bayer CropScience, you will also have the opportunity to propel farming's future together with one of the most attractive employers in the industrial sector.

Your qualifications 


 - PhD degree in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, or related discipline
 - Proven publication record
 - High degree of motivation
 - Extensive and up-to-date knowledge of controlled vocabularies, taxonomies, and bio-ontologies in the plant realm is required
 - Strong data modelling skills and experience in ontology-based data integration
 - Strong ability to work independently and as part of a team
 - Creative and flexible thinking
 - Proficient verbal, written, and presentation skills in English


 - Familiarity with Semantic Web technologies
 - Working experience in agribusiness
 - Recognition within the bio-ontology community

Your application 

We offer a competitive salary with benefits package in an innovative and international environment. Our teams are amongst the best in the industry. Teamwork, entrepreneurship, drive, a passion to learn and to share knowledge, respect for sustainable development and integrity are our most precious values. Our international and interdisciplinary work environment offers a range of possibilities to motivated, qualified people with excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.

Reference Code: 0000085820

Deadline for joint-application submission: 31 March 2014
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David Osumi-Sutherland

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What a dumb thing to say, let alone to write a letter to Nature about:

"I contend that the insistence of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) on hypothesis-driven projects in grant proposals could be a factor contributing to irreproducible research reports..."

(Behind paywall)
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endless forms most beautiful - an illustration
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The Peacock Spider performing its elaborate mating dance. 

These tiny Australian spiders (of the genus 'volans') are associated with the majestic peacock because they lift their colourful backends when trying to woo a female. 
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Apparently everyone is weird in Australia - even the spiders...
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MORe: Modular Combination of OWL Reasoners for Ontology Classification

Google Body - Google Labs

Welcome to Google Body. For news and updates, follow @GoogleBody on Twitter. Checking browser capabilities... Google Body uses WebGL, a new

Online syntax highlighter like TextMate

Online syntax highlighter like TextMate

We must be very careful not to drown in details.

“We must be very careful not to drown in details.” - Gordon Shepherd at NeuroInformatics 2012

Can the Great Green Wall stop the Sahara from spreading?

Online version of the weekly magazine, with current articles, cartoons, blogs, audio, video, slide shows, an archive of articles and abstrac


The official home page of the OpenWorm project


A Java-based OWL 2 EL reasoner


version control ontologies


This database contains information on protein expression in the Drosophila melanogaster brain. It consists of a collection of 3D confocal da


Wrapper for OWL API

YouTube - Lenny Sayers - Raisins and Almonds (Klezmer Medley for Clarine...

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Disappointed with the brunch. The food sounded interesting from the menu and was nicely presented but the combinations of flavours were really odd. A good example: "Purple artichoke barigoule, oyster mushrooms, mozzarella, toasted brioche, poached egg" Turned out to be very sharp pickled artichoke hearts that clashed completely with the richness of the egg and and the overly sweet bread. For brunch - much more interesting and less pretentious food available from the food court on Camden market only 5' walk away.
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