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Storms and bubbles
The large bubble at the bottom is 10cm across. Last night we had a couple of very windy storms coming from the west. The strong winds forced water and air into tiny cracks or openings in our building. This morning I found this. This window is completely exp...

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Happy New Year
Happy New Year to everyone. May your 2017 be filled with good fortune and good health. Not my picture. Found it on the internet, but have no idea where. The rain stayed away yesterday afternoon and last night just long enough for everyone to have a great ce...

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Will it rain?
"Save me," whispered the plants. Will it rain tonight? This month we have had 530mm rain here in the CBD. Usually, we get around 240mm. Our annual rainfall is about 1 540 mm. Not our wettest month. Not our wettest year.  My poor pot plants have been battere...

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A new quilt! This is my first attempt at free-form quilting. I have a lot to learn yet, but YouTube is a wonderful teacher. Some friends have just become great-grandparents. A surprise for the family, but one little error in judgement can cause a lot of con...

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Merry Christmas
I wish you a Merry Christmas. Last night we joined German friends for a traditional German Christmas feast. It was lots of fun. Today has been excellent here. A cool overcast day with a maximum of only 33 degrees C. Very comfy. I feel sorry for those having...

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One of my students surprised me with a gift of two very pretty Christmas decorations. They are made with feathers. Next year they might go on the tree, but this year I placed them where we could enjoy them more. This butterfly is about 12 cm across. There i...

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Earth tremor
We had a significant earth tremor this morning. The quake was 278km ENE of Dili and registered 6.7 on the scale. The tremor lasted about two minutes at our place. The building shook and I could hear it cracking. The furniture really swayed. Other people rep...

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Babe concert
The auditorium filled fast. Only two empty seats during the concert. It's terrific the way our symphony orchestra has developed such a following among families. On Saturday afternoon the Darwin Symphony Orchestra enchanted us all with Babe. The film played ...

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Writing those cards and letters
Love getting Christmas cards and letters. Every Christmas I wait anxiously for the first one to arrive. I know emails are easier but I value knowing that my friends have gone to a bit more trouble, just for me. Today I posted a few cards and letters myself....

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A tree at home
At last, I have assembled and decorated our Christmas tree. Usually, I become cranky because it seems a big job and I dislike doing it on my own. This year, we chose to use only part of out tree and the job was smooth and easy. In the past, we had dogs who ...
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