I've been suspecting something has been going on "behind my back" so today I ran an experiment to test my hypothesis.

We have a 3gb shared data plan from AT&T and we had plenty of headroom when we first signed up and we haven't changed our pattern of usage that much. Since today was the first day of my monthly billing cycle, I reset the data meters on our two iPhones. I also knew we were not going out, so our phones would be on our local WiFi all day, so no anticipated cellular data use. Now it's at the end of the day and both of the counters (added together) along with the AT&T data query (*DATA#) show we've used over 100MB of cellular data. Extend that the entire month and that's 3 gb by just setting at the house?!?!

The WiFi has been up all day so that's not the issue. Does anyone have any ideas, or does evil AT&T manipulate my phone to default to cellular.

WiFi assist, etc all turned off.

I noticed that most of the data is being logged as Push Notifications. I find it hard to believe I have nearly 50 mb of push notifications in a day. Any ideas?
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