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Live life to the fullest
Live life to the fullest

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Hunger Games!  Catching Fire!

How was your christmas?  Im one of the people that actually do care about other people besides myself. :)

IM SO HAPPY FOR CHRISTMAS! yay! im getting a alot of stuff from my grandparents. GRANDPARENTS SPOIL US SO MUCH! I JST GOT SHOES FROM ADIDAS OUTLET FROM MY GRANDPARENTS> I LUV YOU GRAMPS! lol and yes to all you out there adidas are my fav! and is also why i have it as my user pic! im stockin up on adidas products. adidas! (A)LL (D)AY ( I) (D)REAM (A)BOUT (S)HOES

Finals are coming up at Hogwarts and i have to study!

Breaking Dawn part 2 was so awesome. The ending gave me an anxiety attack though. I cant believe carlise,jasper,leah,seth, and a whole lot of people i liked died. THANK god it was all a vision!!!! :)
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