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I've just swapped out my M2nano board for a cohesion3d board on a chinese laser (bed size is 600mm x 400mm). The board powers on with all the correct lights, and it homes correctly to the top left. The origin is set to the bottom left. When moving the laser in LightBurn (Smoothie), the laser moves in the correct orientation which makes me think my stepper cables are installed correctly. I am also using 'absolute positioning' in LightBurn.

For some reason the laser only uses the top half (in the y-direction) of the bed. The x-axis has the full limits and works fine. For a test, I drew a square on the bottom of my plot (see attached images), but the machine thinks the bottom is at the midpoint of the y-axis. I've checked the measurements of the square and it is drawing the dimensions to approximately the right size so it doesn't seem to be a scaling issue. Does anyone know why the full laser bed isn't being recognized? I haven't changed anything in the config file, is there something in there that can be adjusted?

One modification I needed to do for wiring was to splice the grounding wires for the endstops together. The ground from each endstop was soldered to the single white grounding wire coming off the board. I don't think this would have any effect on the issue but mention it here just in case.


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