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MarJanita LaRosa
May These Words Glorify God
May These Words Glorify God

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How Does A Single Woman Plan Her Future?
How Does a Single Woman Plan Her Future? Beginning Note- Dear Readers, I hesitated to share this because of the brute honesty of the subject.  However, I wish I had been able to read something like this when I was eighteen; so that is why I bare my thoughts...

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When Miracles Don’t Arrive
July 20, 2016 When Miracles Don’t Arrive There’s one thing that some people may not understand- and that is
that we really have little control over what happens.  Oh yes, our
decisions and choices affect a lot of outcomes, but there are some
things we ju...

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A Journey Home
Just a poem for your day..... She's on a journey, a journey Home, Each day she travels on life's long hard road. Sometimes it's dark and fears close in, But she knows she must not let them win. At times the fog covers up the day, But with her Compass she wo...

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Ascending Home
Ascending Home By the middle of May, it seems that Easter was a long time ago.  But
what we may have forgotten, is that the “Easter” story is not over. I am always touched on Good Friday as I remember the agonizing way
Jesus gave up His life to take my pl...

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Our Sons and Daughters
Our Sons and Daughters Do you ever have those days when you start dissecting your life and your future?  You know, those kinds of days when you feel as if you have your own personal thundercloud hanging over your head? Well, that was me. I was contemplating...

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Musings and Ponderings
Musings and Ponderings I just had the opportunity to attend the C.L.P. Artists/Writers’
Conference once again.  The workshops were excellent and have given me
much to ponder and consider.  Here are a few of the many lessons I
learned or relearned. 1.  To...

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Why I Don’t Do The Diet Thing
Why I Don’t Do The Diet Thing There seems to always be a new diet out there.  I have seen good
results from friends who follow the meal guidelines and recipes from
some of the more popular ones, but for those who were wondering, these
are the reasons I d...

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A Cookie or A Cracker
A Cookie or A Cracker Have you ever noticed the similarities between crackers and cookies? 
To start with, they both start with “c”.  Then there is the fact that
they are both finger foods and important additions to the table at most
parties.  But anyone...
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