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Luiz Augusto Morais
Computer scientist. Teacher. Programmer.
Computer scientist. Teacher. Programmer.

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Very cool! I must learn deep learning! 
Check out the Google Research blog, linked below, where Software Engineer +Pete Warden explains how you can use a TensorFlow pre-trained deep network to identify objects in an image. And if spotting objects like “bow tie”, “military uniform” and “nematode” do not suit your application, you can use TensorFlow to train your very own network. 

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Awesome VLC skin! #elementaryos
Super excited when I saw this released. Audience looks beautiful but it's lacking in so many ways. On the other hand, VLC has all the features I need but looks like most QT apps do on elementary. This skin fixes that.

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Many research papers are written to impress reviewers rather than to clearly share ideas. Academia needs to do better. Our job isn't to convince others how smart we are. Our job is to create and share knowledge to help humanity get better!

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Great news about Gnome.
Not bad:
I really like that file progress when you copy something. :)

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Hey guys,

I have good news about Tomato 1.1.

+Sam Thomas and I worked hard to implement some features requested by users. Here is the changelog:
-  Start page
- Option to start a pomodoro manually after a break
- Transition animations
- Changes in buttons layout
- A lot of changes under the hood

You can test the unstable version adding the following ppa: ppa:tomato-team/tomato-daily

You can also contribute translating the app:

PS.: It's not a good idea to use both daily and stable PPAs.
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I'm pleased to announce Tomato 1.0 "Heirloom". :)

You can use the stable PPA now:
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:tomato-team/tomato-stable
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install tomato

Some features included in the final version:
- Colorful windows to represent the current app status
- Warning notifications (if the app is paused for a long period)
- Motivational notifications
- Notification sound
- Time worked: how much time you worked in the current day
- Progress bar (when the app window is not focused)
- Quick controls (right-click the app icon to see them)

I hope you enjoy it, guys.

#tomato #elementaryos #pomodoroapp  
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